ferroli calendar

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the world of calendars is a little bit strange. it is an irrational collective hysteria. for a certain period of the year everybody goes mad for this f’ing calendars, anybody can take 12 shots, adds the months and days, and … Continua

canon eos1 ds mark 3

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for once some technical details! they tell me i’m one of the few that owns the new canon eos1 ds mark 3. from the little i’ve used it it looks to me really extraordinary.. i’ve tried a quick test. here … Continua


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a short while ago a new book came out celebrating twenty years of the label “costume national” and his creator ennio capasa. the cover has my portrait on and was made by the talented ennio himself …..


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this is it, i’m through with this shit of talking about sozzani, vogue and all the mess and problems you all know very well. also because I live a very nice life, without bothering about them. but i’m more and … Continua

condè nast

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look who’s here! the barons from conde’ nast are peeping into my website! at least they are modern, they use MAC and firefox….

cape town #07 report #02

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i’m still shooting in cape town. i have just seen via internet the program “barbaric invasions” where franca sozzani has been interviewed, the editor of vogue italia and uomo vogue, beside being editorial director of conde’ nast, the editing house … Continua