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last night here in milan the concert of the great portishead. hypnotic, gloomy, deep. their first album, DUMMY, in 1994: 14 years have gone by, but they are as modern as ever. here one of their best track: http://www.benedusi.it/portfolio/albums/anticamera/ftp/portishead/11%20Glory%20Box.mp3

manholes covers

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ok, i know, i can’t stand myself. pointing the finger, this is right, this is wrong, criticizing this and that…. “hey benedusi, what the fuck do you criticize! think about yourself!” and in fact you are right. but let me … Continua

election posters#02

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but isn’t it illegal to place a poster over unauthorized spaces and for which the tax haven’t been payed? how can one pretend more legality when those who ask for it don’t respect it? one word is little, two are … Continua


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“to reach the yearned aim proceed in the opposite direction of the same” “the celestial path always wins, it’s not worth the fight” “if two brawlers raise their hands against each other, the one who suffers the most wins” from … Continua

rio #04

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yesterday i went scouting location inside a favela. now i know very well i’m going to say a classic crap that the “rich” from milan says: the humanity, the kindness, the willingness, the human warmth i’ve seen in this place … Continua

rio #03

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my problem of travelling around the world, as a person trying to stay healthy and especially being italian, is trying to eat well, and is not at all that easy. it is not easy for the reason heard over and … Continua

rio #02

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today is sunday, and i woke up, because of the time zone, at 5.00am. my hotel is in leblon, after ipanema, on the beach. on sunday morning something nice happens: cars are not allowed on the street along the beach … Continua