fashion phone center

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one wonders for a moment and even the world of the overseas phone calls managed by extra europeans is contaminated by the rutilant fashion world ….

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come ladies! come gentlemen! this way, please! sunsets and crystal clear waters! dawns (few…) and stormy skies :

new vinicio capossela

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the new album by viniccio capossela is out “on my own”. it is an intimate and delicate work, but always rich of those surreal and nitric atmospheres that have always been his style figure. not only i like vicnicio a … Continua

back in time

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while digging in the cellar i found some backstage i never published, this was in 2005, we were at the seychelles…

made in italy

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as serious magazine say: “we receive and willingly publish” : Good day, i’m xxx xxx, 173 cm. tall, i wear size 40 and i nice tatoo “Mada in Italy” on my bottom. I would like to use my image to … Continua

360′ fashion

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an interesting site, where there is a collection of different realities about fashion and photography, ci sono anche io…