max #03

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Here Let’s say it, I’ve written a lot of bullshit. Articulated theories on the last editorial for max: Photo: Video: Here, my friends, I can tell you the truth: I am absolutely lazy and indolent, I don’t … Continua

max #02

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welcome back to italy

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flight rio-paris, with air france, peaceful and blissful. i arrive in paris and look immediately for my alitalia flight that turns out to be “cancelled” on the screen. cancelled. suppressed. eliminated. i go to the in-transit desk to get information. … Continua

love’s house hotel

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probably someone must have noticed my passion for squalid places, i’ve written about and photographed many: i find they have “sincerity” and poetry that refined places rarely have. the squalid place is like that because it is like that, it … Continua

…rio de janeiro

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here i am, in brazil. i flew next to valentino. yes, him, valentino garavani. wow! i’ve now understood who’s to blame for the hole in the ozone layer and the melting of the perennial glaciers: the hair of the famous … Continua