The betrothed

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Driving in my car I came across this hummer limo, inside there were two newly weds, with a classic entourage of family and friends. From what I saw I could deduce that things are and will go like this: he … Continua

amnios_the end

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Final epilogue of my show AMNIOS, created more or less a month ago. During it we also filmed a backstage which tells you how the installation was made at the gallery. I am going to do again a quick epilogue … Continua


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Honestly I do not know if there is still spage to sign up, but my workshop in tuscany begins in a week!

Intentionally white

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Maybe some things happen only to me, or maybe, with my constant curiosity, I see things that maybe seem normal to others. It’s been a while, here in milan, when I receive a fine (which doesn’t happen often, but it … Continua

portogallo_un uomo e una donna #03

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big size here As I returned from zanzibar I left again for portugal, to photograph yet another editorial. It often happens that I wake up somewhere and I have no clue of where I am. The editorial shot during … Continua

zanzibar last

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Last post dedicated to zanzibar. As always, when a job ends, I see the place with the eyes of a tourist and not anymore with the ones of the worker: every time I am surprise on how suddenly I see … Continua

zanzibar #05

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I am practically at the end of these days of shooting. I would like to say one thing, about the food. Maybe it has been understood already, but for me eating is a very important thing, for the taste of … Continua

zanzibar #04

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I am still here, in zanzibar shooting. In this moment I am in the lobby of the resort, fighting with an angry swarm of mosquitoes. It seems to be the norm around here. I am only going to tell you … Continua