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  • 30 Ottobre 2009


    Hot, just out of the press is the new MAX issue. Inside there is an article on elena di ciocco, truly adorable and likeable.

    here you will also find a backstage video (thank you elena!)

    11 DICIOCCIO-1


    27 Ottobre 2009


    I already had this luck: I did the cover for sports illustrated SA!



    25 Ottobre 2009


    Yes, once again and for the third time consecutively I took part of “Italy’s next top model”, the talent show based on the world of fashion and its models on channel sky uno. Last Friday the first episode was aired with a photoshoot done by me.

    I honestly have to say that it is a lot of fun, as it is something completely different from what I normally do. Even better, to be more precise, it is nothing different strictly photographically speaking: I prepare the shooting and I take the pictures exactly as if I was shooting for a magazine. It is completely different instead everything regarding the handling and organization, which (unfortunately!) it is always the most important and tiring,  in a production company.

    To say it in a few words, I do not have to worry about who is coming/when/who eats/who drinks/where we do hair and make up/where we are changing/permits/contracts/options/who can… in short all the thousand elements which shouldn’t be part of a photographic shoot but not only they end up being part of, but more often become more complicated than the shoot itself…

    Therefore when working for Italy’s next, which by the way it is produced by a big production company (magnolia), I really enjoy myself: I arrive, say a few stupid things and do my job, clean and simple. For once I really feel like the professional hit man, the sort that arrives all silent and tranquil, takes one shot and goes back home.. Jokes aside, it is really almost like that!

    And also, I admit it, when on air I even get emotional! Seriously! And there is one thing to say, which is maybe the most important out of all of them: it is all real. I understand that as an outsider you can say that on television “it’s all staged”, “it’s all scripted”, “it’s all fake”… it isn’t, at least not on this show: the models all start from the same level and the ones that convince us the most make ti to the next level. Done.

    If you like the show keep on following it, because there will be some interesting new things…

    Below here are two of my favourite photos, and a bit of backstage done by giorgio.









    22 Ottobre 2009


    A small issue, I want to write it so I don’t forget it, I swear it’s true:

    The intercom at home is broken.

    We called the body corporate to get someone to fix it.

    Such person came to repair (the intercom).

    He came to the house to do the repairs.

    He rings the bell.

    The intercom (what do you know!) doesn’t work.

    We don’t answer.

    The person leaves.

    We call him the day after.

    “yesterday you didn’t come!”

    “I did come, I buzzed, but you didn’t answer!”

    No comment


    19 Ottobre 2009



    I packed my bags and left, yet another time, to shoot in south africa.

    I would like, I think I’ve never done it before, to give a few pointers for travelers:

    < class=Bullet>•   The best luggage, in my opinion, is samsonite. But there is a slight problem: everybody has one. I therefore would suggest you to buy it in an unusual colour (not black!) and do something I’ve been doing for years: write your own surname nice and big on each side. So to hope that you reduce the amount of loss or theft. Always attach the tag with your name and surname. Hold onto scrupulously the ticket they give you at the check in. If you have many pieces of luggage do not try remember the look, but remember how many: if at departure there were five, five they must be at arrival.

    •   When you are packing your luggage find out exactly what is the climate of the place in which you are going. It’s not enough that you know if it is hot/cold. There are places where it is always hot (maldives), there are places where it is hot during the day and cold during the night (desert), there are places where it is very windy (cape town!)… and therefore clothing must be packed accordingly

    •   A while ago before leaving one would exchange money, from lira to the foreign exchange: forget about it. First of all there are cash machines all over the world (where they call them ATM) where you can withdraw the foreign exchange, exactly like in italy. Besides that the euro is now used as an exchange value of reference more than the dollar, therefore you can also pay in euro almost everywhere in the world

    •   Ok, it would seem a little yappy, but believe me: try to fly in business. Nowadays the price difference with economy is not exorbitant.

    •   Not all airlines are the same, and the difference in the way you are treated can be enormous: if you have more options look up on the internet for comments and choose the best

    •   The air fare is probably the most complicated thing man has ever invented. The person sitting right next to you might have payed half, or double, compared to you, even though he’s flying exactly like you. With that wonderful invention that is the internet (and it is especially for the travel business…) look for the best fares, also by trying to pick the perfect day and hours in the best way: maybe a flight leaving the day after costs half the day you chose

    •   Do not start clapping when the plane lands. Ok, I know, you don’t do it, but tell the others not to do it. Many people still do it. Besides the fact that it is creepy, the pilot is behind a bullet proof door, and he will never hear that applause…

    •   Try not to stand up as soon as the plane lands. I wonder why is it that when the plane touches down everyone stands up to run out: stay calm damn it! It’s going to be a while before they open those doors! Besides if it is a shitty airport (as it happens very often) and you have to catch a bus to get to the terminal, the last one to get off the plane will get off first from the bus…

    •   All airport taxi drivers are out to get you, they even do it in milan! Imagine I don’t know, in rio de janeiro…try find out before what is the tariff of airport transfers: otherwise you might risk paying the taxi ride more that the flight…

    •   Avoid buying bullshit. During souvenir shopping exists the very precise rule of distance: the more you are distant from your house the more these objects seem beautiful. The tribal mask which you thought while in the village that it might look real good in your home in milan will effectively look like shit once it is there.

    •   Avoid taking photographs and videos constantly: ok, now with the digital era they don’t cost a thing, therefore everyone photographs everything. You have to live the place, not photograph them and film them!

    •   If you want to eat good and healthy forget about the “typical local trattoria”: they only barely exist in small towns out in the italian country side, just to make an example, there are no “typical local trattoria” in brazil and maybe there have never been. Instead there are (including brazil!) bio/natural/organic restaurants everywhere in the world: go there

    •   ………….

    Now if you don’t mind this is it, one of the rules are to go to bed early to sleep… I will try to continue another time…

    I am a little bit disappointed to have engaged in writing the list of the good traveller, avoiding telling you what I’ve done during these days in cape town: I would have some things to tell you!

    I can though just tell you meanwhile what has happened in italy: the cover page I did with melissa satta for panorama is out now

    Here below is the cover, and two images taken by daria longinotti.

    Have a great week!