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  • 11 Ottobre 2009



    It is strange for me to say it, for the job that I do, but I do not care about beauty: strange isn’t it?

    I do not care about it in the way that I see beauty in a “darwinian/illuminist” kind of way. So I think that beauty is what is useful.

    For example I think that we dislike a turd because it is harmful to our system, while I think a peach seems marvelous because it is useful for a good diet.

    In the same way a beautiful body and face are beautiful because our animal instinct makes us believe that they are useful to better transmit our species: it is well known that the animal species (righteously!) choose the strongest male to copulate, in the hope that their descent is always at its best.

    In this context I perceive beauty in a way that I would like it to be less “animalistic”, but above all dictated from something that would privilege the intellect to the instinct. Therefore I do not like the too perfect beauty, too smoothed, too absolute.

    Always more often I see perfect (models and not) people: beautifully modified breasts, fine drawn lips, sculpted muscles, flowing hair and perfect skin: I find all this annoying.

    The spell binding beauty in my opinion is always imperfect. I feel that a beautiful imperfections spell binds us, more than a perfect banality.

    In all these theories I thought of giving my very own small small contribution: in the recent issue of STYLE, with one of my editorials, they asked me to write a column and a photograph that would tell my story. The column is what it is, the photograph is a portrait where I purposely tried to be as real as possible: no photoshop, straight forward lighting and a pitiful detail on my little face. All in the picture here above, and even better if you click on it.

    As to say: here I am, and if I want the truth from the others, I am the first to show it!

    Many told me I was crazy, and that I looked like a ninety years old aids patient: fantastic!

    I don’t want to be beautiful, I want to be real…


    8 Ottobre 2009


    I promise you, I will try to bring: midgets, ballerinas, fire eaters, the tallest man int he world, crazy models, diane arbus in person, tight rope walkers, toni thorimbert, bass and bassists, roberto saviano in person without police escort, sozzani, runaway iranian models… in short I will do my best to make it fun…


    fotografica 2009, on the 26 of November.


    8 Ottobre 2009

    IRVING PENN 1917-2009

    Yesterday, at 92 years of age, irving penn passed away, one of the greatest american photographers: still lifeist (?), portraitist, advertising and fashion photographer. In fact, a really great artist.

    Numerous are his masterpieces that he has created a career spanning forty years.

    I’ve always really liked  his nudes which he started creating when, I think it happens a bit to everyone, he started maybe to get a little bored of fake and stereotyped beauty which he was photographing everyday.



    He was the inventor of the point of view. I don’t think there is a photographer in the world who hasn’t done at least once a photograph in the mythical penn’s point of view. Like all inventions it is so simple it might seem banal, but for that reason exactly it is extraordinary.

    Even your favourite dickhead (I…), and excuse the useless leading role, once used the mythical point of view: I had to take a picture of marisa berenson, which before becoming a great actress (barry lyndon!) she was equally a great model, photographed extensively by penn. I therefore thought that it was a righteous homage to take the picture like He would have photographed her: I even used a good 20X25 optical bench.

    Dear irving penn, I could have told you before, now it is of little use: I am sorry!



    6 Ottobre 2009


    ELECTORAL OFFICE OF THE WHITE HOUSE: hello? Am I speaking to Mrs Norm?

    SHE: yes I am.. Who’s speaking?

    OFFICE: the white house. We would like to ask you who do you think will win the next presidential elections.

    SHE: [bothered] again? Someone has already called me from survey inc and also from hyperpool.com, or whatever the name is. I can’t stand these surveys no more. Look for someone else.

    OFFICE: ma’am, this is not a survey: these are the real elections. You are the only person that we’ll ask! You know, if we are not going to ask you…

    SHE: if we are not going to ask you, if we are not going to ask you… you all say that. Why me?

    OFFICE: haven’t they explained it to you? Because you are the perfect least champion! Our PLC. The PLC of all survey institutes, and as of today of the white house as well. You, mrs norm, are the dream of all national stats men, the living paradox of the theory of probability!

    SHE: excuse me?

    OFFICE: you are our PLC! All survey institutes have been working for years to get to the interviewed champion. You can understand, with all the running costs to make all those phonecalls. We have always experimented on smaller numbers of champions: thousands, hundreds, ten people… the most important thing is that the opinions of the champion reflect the ones of the population. Didn’t you know that this is how survey work? To ask a few to know the opinion of many. For a long time they wanted to change the voting with the surveys, but up to now we couldn’t trust it. Until we discovered you. We discovered that you, mrs norm, have the opinions reflecting the majority of americans, like isaac asimov’s fictional character mr muller. Any question asked, you will always answer like the majority of the americans. Therefore we are ready for the big step. You will give us the result of the presidential elections.. So, are you ready? Who do you think will win?

    SHE: wait a minute: are you saying that whatever I will answer now is exactly what the majority is thinking about now?

    OFFICE: exactly. You just have to tell us if the republicans will win or the democrats..

    SHE: and what I will say..

    OFFICE: .. Will determine the winner of the elections”

    SHE: but.. And the vote?

    OFFICE: we skip the vote! Enough with elections. It is a waste of time and money. You must tell us who will win. In any case the polls will give us the same answer.

    SHE: and if I tell you something nonsense?

    OFFICE: [irritated] dear mrs norm, we don’t care how you get to your decision. You could even toss a coin for it. In that case we will hypothesize that the majority of people will have made a decision by tossing a coin as well. Do as you please, but give us an answer.

    SHE: can you trust me to give you any name?

    OFFICE: there is no reason to worry about it. Also when you answer by chance you are infallible!

    SHE: infallible?

    OFFICE: very infallible. We selected you amongst thousands of subjects!we took years, but now we are sure that you can’t go wrong: you are our PLC and your opinions are definitely the ones of the majority of americans, for example, last year you wanted ot go on holiday in florida right?

    SHE: exactly..

    OFFICE:.. And, if you recall, the majority of americans wanted to do the same.

    SHE: this is easy.

    OFFICE: you wanted to buy spic’n shine, and inevitably 75% of americans want to wash their dishes with the same product.

    SHE: of course, who doesn’t want to wash with spic’n shine?

    OFFICE: you see? You work like a charm.

    SHE: wow, still how can you be so sure?

    OFFICE: we know how to do our job, what the hell! We are scientific surveyors at the white house.

    SHE: [] but I don’t want my opinions to be like the majority’s. I want to be original!

    OFFICE: wait I’ll verify.. Like I thought! This is what the majority of citizens want!

    From the book “mental traps” by matteo motterini, rizzoli

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    3 Ottobre 2009

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

     A little bit of Blade Runner never hurts…