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Luckily fashion calendars are dying: I have done my fare share in the past, but in the end always feeling ashamed. The classic images of naked ladies being sexy with the months printed on top they were honestly, and are, … Continua


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Jacopo Benassi is a great photographer. Or better, he is a great artist. His book “the ecology of the image” is one of the most beautiful photographic books I have ever seen. Diane Arbus, Weegee, Robert Frank… in the tradition … Continua


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Not in the namesake of the beautiful film, but in its geographical sense. In short, without stretching it too much, I am still, for a few days, working here in brasil. I was first up in the mountains. You heard … Continua


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Lost on a small island on the coast of Brasil stop Electric current only through generators stop Somewhere between Robinson Crusoe and Jurassic Park stop No Internet sto Muito bonito!