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I want to thank Fashion Illustrated for the article, even though the article is incomplete and missing a lot of excelletn italian photographers (…). One great question though: 25% of what?!?!? 😉


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 So maybe this useless blog is not really useless after all. Thank you Alessandro, lets come to an agreement so that when you swing by I am here present in the studio to at least say hi. Thank you!


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Its true, photographers have insane preferences and temptations. One of many is to photograph the freaks, the marginalized, the crazies. For example it was really fashionable, in the seventies, to go and photograph the demented people in the madhouses. Or … Continua


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Since a few weeks now my advertising campaigns for the Spazio Sei group have been circulating on the magazines, they produce the best kids fashion brands: Miss Blumarine, Miss Blumarine Jeans, Parrot, Iceberg and Ki6. MISS BLUMARINE: We shot the … Continua


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Here I am, in my hotel room, trying to write these words with my iPhone: lets see if I can manage without making too much of a mess… I was invited to Bratislava to head up a jury for a … Continua


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Next monday night, the seventh of February, I will be at the IED here in Milan for a public meeting. All free, you just need to sign up here Maybe I am preparing something, maybe I’m not: most probably it … Continua


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My friend Chico sent me an email proposing me something. The email is below. I’m asking you: what should I do?!?! YES or NO?