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Recently released magazine CLUB MILANO, with cover and article dedicated to the architect Fabio Novembre. Aside from the cover, which had to be strongly “institutional”, we had fun in taking pictures for the article using the head of an ape, … Continua


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The legendary Tiziano Sclavi the voice of the great comic Dylan Dog gives his opinion of the difference between a professional and an amateur. An opinion which I obviously share! I always say that I have absolutely no passion for … Continua


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Looking for other things on my hard disks I stumbled upon this image. I did not look for her, but she looked at me and said “come on put me on your blog! I can’t stay here for years in … Continua


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I just came back from New York, and I would like to make use of this blog for what it was meant to be at the beginning, so, like the daily diary in primary school, to remind myself in the … Continua


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Today, the 8th of March, I am honoured to be on the newspapers with a public service campaign created by the art director Maurizio Maresca for onlus telefono donna. Friends Giorgio Pasotti and Fabio Novembre have generously lent a hand, … Continua

ANDO GILARDI 1921-2012

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Ando Gilardi, how much I’ve read your words, how much I’ve loved you. It is impossible to disregard your lesson for those wishing to know more about photography in Italy. Thank you. Settimio


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It is difficult, right now, that i’d choose to do a job in a studio, with lights and backdrops: I’ve done so much in the past, but now if I choose I prefer to opt for simpler and more natural … Continua


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Gabriele Rigon is a friend, and he asked me to punt his next workshop: I do it with pleasure, because I know his qualities and his work. Gabriele has a particular character: in life he is a helicopter pilot for … Continua