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stanno per uscire le mie nuove campagne realizzate per il gruppo SPAZIO SEI e mi accorgo di non aver mai messo quelle precedenti, che peraltro si riferiscono all’estate in corso: scattiamo con così tanto anticipo che ci si si scorda ogni tanto … Continua


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But if I had foreseen all this, given cause and pretext, the current conclusions believe that for these few cents, this glory of assholes, I would write songs; okay, I admit that I am wrong and accept the “crucifixion” and … Continua


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  as some of you might know, two weeks ago there was my lectio magistralis at the Triennale in Milan, curated by the AFIP. I really enjoyed myself! here is a little clip, made by franco russo, of the grand … Continua


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    already at 16 years old I liked lászló moholy-nagy, the multiple expositions and the truth about photography (photography is not the reflection of reality, written on a mirror). it was easy then, a few years later, to shoot … Continua