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It is many years that I have a website and four since I’ve had a blog. It has only been a year though that I have serious stats on the whole thing. It has been exactly a year. Therefore we … Continua

I do not believe

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I do not believe in God. I do not believe in God, for the simple reason that I do not think he created us but I think that most probably we, incapable to give ourselves some explanations, created Him. Not … Continua


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I’d say that summer is over. Winter is certainly far, but you start to feel the very first signs. It’s raining. And I have to add, I’m probably the only one in the world, I love it. And I listen … Continua


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I am well back in milan, the center of all my circumferences. And where does my sight fall on? On this beautiful ad, this one above. The soccer champion of the world that does advertising on the history of italian … Continua


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I understand that perhaps you desire seeing some photos that I am shooting here in puglia. I have to say that I don’t blame you, if a photographer comes all the way here (with the super staff, the super location, … Continua


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As I came back saturday from my holidays, Sunday the whole day I was working and Monday morning just like that, bang bang, I took the first flight of the season. I am in puglia for a job. I am … Continua

happy new year

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Actually September feels like the real turn of the year, the true start of a new year. August is gone. The long pause lets you make the point of the situation, it helps you understand where you are at and … Continua