27 settembre 2006


It is many years that I have a website and four since I’ve had a blog.
It has only been a year though that I have serious stats on the whole thing.
It has been exactly a year.
Therefore we can come to some conclusions.
Since the 27th of September 2005 there has been 79.026 single visitors that have viewed 610.196 pages.
Only today 3.370 pages have been viewed on my website.
This means that on average, calculating only Monday to Friday, 2.638 pages have been viewed daily.
Every single person that has been to my website has stayed for a while, an average of 2 minutes and 57 seconds.
The nations in which the viewers are, in order:
Italy, united states, switzerland, netherlands and united kingdom.
The day with most traffic is Monday, the time between 7 and 8 o’clock at night.
Windows is used by 61,10%, mac os by 29,28% of users.
You don’t give a wonder shit about all these statistics?
Statistics are a beautiful exact science that tells us that if I eat a chicken and you don’t eat it are we eating half a chicken each?

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23 settembre 2006

I do not believe

I do not believe in God.
I do not believe in God, for the simple reason that I do not think he created us but I think that most probably we, incapable to give ourselves some explanations, created Him.
Not in my case.
The problem is that I do not believe in anything.
I do not believe that who does bad things is a bad person, like I do not believe that who is a good person doesn’t do it.
Therefore I do not believe in goodness and not even in badness.
I do not believe in success. All successful men that I’ve met often revealed themselves as assholes. Many more men of great failure seemed to me they deserved great success.
Therefore I do not believe in deserving nor penalties.
I do not believe in friendship, I do not believe in love, I do not believe in good, I do not believe in evil. As selfishness in love and friendship.
I don’t even believe in art, how many useless assholes, even there. Only full of themselves. And I do not even believe in people who do not believe, poor nothing destined to misery.
I do not believe in anything.
I do not believe that the moon can spin around the world only because of a strange force they call gravity. That massive thing so big and heavy and so far from us stays near us how?
I do not believe that the americans went to the moon, but I also do not believe those dickheads that are trying desperately to demonstrate they did.
I do not believe in what the newspapers tell us, I do not believe in what the politicians tell us, I do not believe in what the television tells us.
I do not believe in anything anyone tells us.
I do not believe even in what I say.
I do not believe in the honesty of poor people, I do not believe that the rich are rich because they made their money honestly.
I do not believe in happiness, ephemeral illusion of who settles for little, I do not believe in sadness, shelter to small egoistic pleasures.
I do not believe in the stories told by writers, they should live them! It’s easy to tell them! I do not believe in film stories, only light stains on a white wall, nothing real. I do not even believe in the verb “to believe”. By itself it already holds something somewhat uncertain: if I owe you money and you asked me if I’ll ever pay you back and I answered you “I believe so” you’ll definitely answer me “I believe so?!?!, what do you mean I believe so?”. I mean there is no certainty, no surety, in the verb believe.
I do not even believe myself writing all this.
I do not even believe in myself.
I do not believe I do not believe and I do not believe.

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14 settembre 2006


I’d say that summer is over.
Winter is certainly far, but you start to feel the very first signs.
It’s raining.
And I have to add, I’m probably the only one in the world, I love it.
And I listen to the great faber:

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11 settembre 2006


I am well back in milan, the center of all my circumferences.
And where does my sight fall on?
On this beautiful ad, this one above.
The soccer champion of the world that does advertising on the history of italian literature!
Crazy stuff.
Since when does margherita hack advertise an aerobics course?
Since when does umberto eco sponsor a ski competition?

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6 settembre 2006


This instead is a sign of a shoe shop.
No comment.

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6 settembre 2006


I understand that perhaps you desire seeing some photos that I am shooting here in puglia.
I have to say that I don’t blame you, if a photographer comes all the way here (with the super staff, the super location, the super equipment) I would be the case to show some photos done with the cellphone.
So, I feel like doing so and seeing that I am the prince and lord, I do what I want.
The first photograph I took it at the bari airport.
Exactly in the bathroom, where with disguised pride and with quite a lot of pride it says:
What the fuck does that mean?
What the fuck do we even care?

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5 settembre 2006


As I came back saturday from my holidays, Sunday the whole day I was working and Monday morning just like that, bang bang, I took the first flight of the season.
I am in puglia for a job.
I am in a very nice place.
This one here: http://www.gesthotels.com/coccaro_new/italian.html
Don’t tell my clients, but I feel like I am still on holidays…

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2 settembre 2006

happy new year

Actually September feels like the real turn of the year, the true start of a new year.
August is gone.
The long pause lets you make the point of the situation, it helps you understand where you are at and what you want to begin or continue doing: it won’t help much as I believe that all our attempts of organizing and channeling things are a pure illusion. It always happens what has to happen…
The mediterranean sea, which I often snob when I am traveling for my work, has been rich and generous during the holidays.
A lot of beautiful and fun moments.
And seeing that some things always happen when we least expect them, I had an encounter in August which I would like to tell also because I wish it stays precise in my memory:
Coming back from the amalfi coast by car, at the autogrill in caserta I see two friars hitchhiking. Particularly one was so perfect in his friar outfit he looked fake. He even had the cleric.
There and there I was opting for a charitable gesture, but I was afraid of taking one in the ass.
I reversed, I ask the Neapolitan fuel attendant what he thought of the two friars.
“doc, they are god, they are good…” he assures me.
I stop in front of them. “peace & good will brother! We are going to lourdes, take us where you wish and where you will”. And like that also a nun popped from behind them.
The two friars and the nun where traveling to lourdes.
I get them in my car, and they start telling their story.
They travel with nothing, only a toothbrush. No money, which they are not even allowed to touch. They base themselves on the kindness and good will of the people.
Kindness and good will which in this case betrayed them enough: it was more than four hours that they were under the mid August sun of caserta…
We start talking, I play them De Andrè, I can say that we start a pleasant friendship. I make it clear that I am not religious at all.
This though stimulated them more towards the redemption of the lost sheep. What definitely happened is that we started religious philosophical discussions: where do we come from, where are we going, god exists, doesn’t exist, god created us, we created god… and so on traveling and philosophizing…
The three of them where on their way to lourdes, they where happy to get to rome. I take the rome turn-off. They make a few calls (with my cellphone, obviously they don’t have one…) to their religious roman friends but they don’t find one that can give them hospitality, they are all on holiday!
Can you believe the priests in rome! On holiday!
So I get back on the highway, I decide to take them to milan.
Towards sunset they take out their bibles and they start praying declaiming the vesper psalms.
In short a strange car, a fashion photographer, with two priests and a nun that are praying. And on the radio Fabrizio De Andrè singing “his name was jesus”. Luckily I am no believer nor catholic, if I was I would have at least restarted the crusades…
We arrive, between psalms and prayers, in milan.
The problem now was to find a place to sleep for the friars.
First thing I went to the friars near my house, in viale piave.
Ring the bell.
They speak.
They plot.
Peace and good will here, peace and good will there.
At the end, the friars in viale piave in milan what do they say to the friars on a pilgrim to lourdes? Lonely tired and hungry? In the hands of a non believer such as myself? What do they tell them?!?
To go away and that it was their own damn problem. Obviously this was my own colorful and negative interpretation, but the substance was that, no hospitality.
Do you get all this!
The priests in rome are on holiday.
The friars in milan don’t give a damn.
We are doing well…
We start going round and round milan in the middle of August, deserted, at midnight, to all the franciscan convents to look for hospitality.
Finally we find a night shelter, cared by franciscan friars, behind the monumental cemetery.
Perfect, have we found a place for our friends?
Almost, there is a place for the two friars but not for the nun, they can’t accommodate women.
We leave the two friars, we only need to arrange for the nun.
We go round and round but we can’t find anything for the nun.
What do we do?
The nun comes to sleep over at my house.
Obviously I wasn’t alone.
So the nun comes over to my house to sleep on the floor.
Yes, the franciscan nun rigorously sleeps on the floor.
I swear this is all true.
It was a strange night of mid August in milan. Sleeping in my bed knowing there was a little nun next door sleeping on the floor…
The day after we reconnect with the friars and they are all happy and merry, and, after a triumphant “peace & good will”, I sent them straight towards lourdes…
Peace & good will and a happy new year!

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