south africa #04

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I am in a hurry, I am on my way to do a shooting, but I wanted to write this before I forget it… which is not bad at all: I was with my team here in cape town sitting … Continua

south africa #03_libri

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Still working in cape town… When I am in hotels I never switch on the tv, not even for a second. I have never switched it on not even once since I’ve been here. I don’t give a damn of … Continua

south africa #02

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And so? What is the solution, what are the main roads or even secondary roads to get to the exit? Only questions, only obsessions… The labyrinth is metaphor for the will to loose ourselves to find ourselves again, nothing is … Continua

con e senza

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If you want the couch is empty here: If you want, above here is full. As it may be in the rutilant world of fashion, “with and without”. Actually I always thought that when we say old and dumb, … Continua

south africa

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I have arrived and working in cape town, south africa stop I have an extremely slow internet connection stop It is necessary to keep communication short stop Sun cold wind and cold stop Lots of wind stop More detailed informations … Continua


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I wrote yesterday’s post at the airport in athens, where I had to transit in order to get to south africa. I am in pretoria, the capital. This morning I arrived in johannesburg. The production company, for whom I work, … Continua

Fuck advertising

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My studio is in milan nearby the porta romana, where there is, think about it, the porta romana, one of the few inheritances from the past that make this city more beautiful. This bold and real monument has been restored … Continua

Little homework 07

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Today, 11th October 2006 This is what I did today, on this week halfway through October. A simple list… 8:00_more or less I wake up at this time, maybe a little later. A lot of people as soon as they … Continua