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  • 22 Ottobre 2006

    con e senza

    If you want the couch is empty
    here: http://thisisyou.info/blog/
    If you want, above here is full.
    As it may be in the rutilant world of fashion, “with and without”.
    Actually I always thought that when we say old and dumb, I mean older and dumber, I will retreat into doing less than I am doing already, and I will write the book of my memoirs and I will entitle it “with and without”.
    The “with and without” is what clients want when they don’t know what they want, it is the metaphor of this world that often is without wisdom nor culture where things are ok and so are their opposite.
    Let us not loose ourselves on controversies!
    Here I am. I’ve been without internet for a few days because the connection was firstly too slow and then too clogged.
    It is unbearable how hard it is to give up the technologies that we have gotten used to. It is frequent to ask: how did they do it before the internet? How did they do it before cellphones? How did they do it before the telephone? And before airplanes? I fear they did the same things we are doing now…
    The first ten days of work are gone here on the other side of the world, and they have been tiring but wonderful, with a group of people that made sure everything went the right way, that the job was well done and, last but not least, we had some fun times.
    This is often a topic of discussion: to do my job often around the globe it is definitely not a holiday but for sure it isn’t a boring and banal job either.
    It is something indefinite and indefinable.
    Maybe definable in one way: to live it.
    I, now, today, here, I am sure of one thing: I am alive.
    Also because, as andrea pazienza used to say, we would have been dead for too long…

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    18 Ottobre 2006

    south africa

    I have arrived and working in cape town, south africa stop
    I have an extremely slow internet connection stop
    It is necessary to keep communication short stop
    Sun cold wind and cold stop
    Lots of wind stop
    More detailed informations here

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    13 Ottobre 2006


    I wrote yesterday’s post at the airport in athens, where I had to transit in order to get to south africa.
    I am in pretoria, the capital.
    This morning I arrived in johannesburg.
    The production company, for whom I work, told me that they would have sent a driver to take me to pretoria, which is one hour away from johannesburg.
    Fantastic! One might think of a wonderful driver for sport illustrated that comes to fetch you and takes you wherever you need to go…
    More or less…
    At my arrival there is a twenty something big boned coloured lady (not that I have anything against young girls of colour) which sweetly and kindly invites me to get into the car she just got.
    In point form, our friend has never been in johannesburg, has never been from here to pretoria and I also think has never driven a vehicle with stick shift.
    She had all the instructions for all this on a piece of paper, which she kept peeking on, hoping it would get her out of a pickle.
    The dear girl, who was extremely sweet, also did everything to make me feel comfortable so she commenced with: “you are italian? Great! The two things I love the most are italian – she said very well convinced – which are the singer patrizio and spaghetti bolognese”
    It was really hard to convince her that neither one actually exist in italy.
    “what do you mean! You don’t know patizio?!?! The very famous italian singer???”
    I went on google, patrizio actually exists
    Who is right then? What is true? What is authentic?
    Now I am going to buy patrizio’s cd, I couldn’t bare having this gap into my musical culture…

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    12 Ottobre 2006

    Fuck advertising

    My studio is in milan nearby the porta romana, where there is, think about it, the porta romana, one of the few inheritances from the past that make this city more beautiful. This bold and real monument has been restored and taken back to it’s original and beautiful state. In occasion of the recent night festivities they even light it up like the daylight, with righteous pride.
    Good, this would be perfect.
    If not that…
    The city of milan has decided to restore the mura spagnole, which are the walls that used to circle the city and were connected by the different porte, of which one of them was porta romana.
    The City didn’t have funds to restructure so they decided to get a company to pay through giving a contract that would allow the latter to use the scaffolding as advertising space.
    To begin with I think that this is a load of bullshit, that will end up like it always ends up and that they will leave the ads up as long as they can: the more time goes by the more the company earns big money… “wait the work isn’t done yet, the paint that is only made in indocina with snake skin is missing!”, “one moment, another month because we need those 12 inch nails that are only made in south brazil!”… you’ll see for how long we’ll have to digest these fucking billboards… wait this would be acceptable, we suffer now to enjoy later.
    But porta romana… why block up porta romana?!?!
    Yesterday it was nice and clean as new!
    Why all this havoc?
    For new and always more invasive advertising?
    Fuck advertising, fuck who hides beautiful things, fuck who doesn’t let us choose.
    Ok, I am going back to do my advertising shoots…

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    11 Ottobre 2006

    Little homework 07

    Today, 11th October 2006
    This is what I did today, on this week halfway through October.
    A simple list…
    8:00_more or less I wake up at this time, maybe a little later. A lot of people as soon as they are awake they switch on the television. Ignorant dick head sheep. I rarely switch it on at night, never mind in the morning. I switch on the iPod instead, often with lively music to be immediately on a roll. And I read the news paper, but of the day before, because I never have time to read it the day before.
    So I’ve switched on the music and read the il corriere. I like il corriere, especially when the great gian antonio stella writes. Unfortunately today g.a.s. Wasn’t there.
    8:30_breakfast, with tea and biscuits. I don’t like coffee, always only tea.
    8:45_shit. I have confronted the argument often and with enough accuracy.
    9:00_take a bath, with the water nice and hot. Let’s say it, the best time of the day, music in the background (more soft by this point, let’s say chet baker), thoughts that wonder, peace and tranquillity in a nice hot water bath.
    10:00_i got out of the house, on my scooter. Stop by the newspaper stand to buy a few newspapers and magazines where I knew my work was featured.
    I sat on a bench and while going through a few magazines I started talking to a couple of old men. One had a breathing apparatus, if it’s called like that, I don’t know, and the other had an hearing aid. We talked about this and that. In the mean time the phone started working. Phone calls, phone calls…
    10:30_I arrived in my studio, it was the time scheduled for today’s photo shoot, for a french magazine.
    Once the model was “dressed” and had hair and make up we started shooting. For the set we built a bed with some sort of canopy. 2 flashes on a white background and a tunnel of white polystyrene to reflect soft light on the model.
    15:00_finished the photo shoot, everything went well, phone calls aside and phone calls and phone calls…
    16:00_went for lunch. I had a sandwich with mortadella, rocket and cheese with two cokes on ice with slice of lemon.
    17:00_went back to my studio. Telephone, mail, contacts, dicks and bobs. So on till 20:30.
    21:00_concert at rolling stone of “juliette and the licks”. Wow juliette is fucking good! Real rocking rock and roll!
    Now finally I’m home, tired but happy of this day in the middle of October 2006. Home to pack my bags…