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21st dicember 2006. i already placed it in the past, but today it seems very appropriate: The fog raises over the white fields like a cypressus in the cemeteries a bell tower that doesn’t look real marks the boundary between … Continua

models and the law

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i read on the newspaper new legislation rules are to be deployed to regulate the models’ world. it looks to me a complete madness without any sense. all a muddle of platitude made only to get a demagogic consent. … Continua


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during this trip in south africa i’ve shot (the verb is not by chance…) the book by roberto saviano “gomorra”. fuck what a blow! bravo, bravissimo roberto. a frill and tinsel free writing talk and reporta about the “camorra” system … Continua

technical news

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i’m a photographer (really?) but seldom i speak about photography in this blog. maybe those who came and read it would like to have some technical details, with what i shoot, how, using which materials and which cameras. so i … Continua


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i’m still in cape town. and here is spring… every time this shatters me, because to come here on the other side of the world is not only a question to come to a warm weather, like going to the … Continua

Here I am

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As I was pointing out, here I am. I went through hell lately. Hell? Deep hell! I’ve worked really hard. And I didn’t have any time to come around to write my bullshit that from time to time I feel … Continua