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  • 21 dicembre 2006


    21st dicember 2006.

    i already placed it in the past, but today it seems very appropriate:

    The fog raises over the white fields
    like a cypressus in the cemeteries
    a bell tower that doesn’t look real
    marks the boundary between earth and sky.

    But you that are going, but stay,
    the snow will go tomorrow you’ll see
    the joys of the past will blossom
    with the warm wind of another summer.

    The light also seems to die
    in the uncertain shadow of the making
    where the dawn too becomes evening
    and the faces seems waxed skulls.

    But you that are going, but stay,
    the snow will die tomorrow too
    love will pass nearby again
    in the season of the hawthorn.

    The tired earth below the snow
    sleeps the silence of a heavy sleep
    winter picks up his fatigue
    of thousand centuries, from a dawn antique.

    But you that are staying, why do you remain?
    another winter will come back tomorrow
    more snow will fall to sooth the fields
    more snow will fall on the cemeteries.

    fabrizio de andrè

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    18 dicembre 2006

    models and the law

    i read on the newspaper new legislation rules are to be deployed to regulate the models’ world.
    it looks to me a complete madness without any sense.
    all a muddle of platitude made only to get a demagogic consent.
    here are the rules one by one and my own opinion:
    -“models under sixteen will not be able to parade”. perfect. very well, no problem. what about six years old kids in fashion parades and shoots? do they know or not that in florence during “pitti bambino” there are fashion parades with children? and the advertising campaigns, using kids? is it possible to allow a ten years old child and not a sixteen years old model? does it make any sense?
    -“the new beauty standard will be healthy, generous and mediterranean”. the law has to dictate what the new beauty standard is? are we all insane? someone is convinced that it is possible to impose a beauty standard with the law?!?!
    -“fashion designers must introduce 46 and 48 sizes in the collections” here again the same: the law must tell a fashion designer and a fashion house how and what to include in a collection? it is only the market and the fashion trends that can tell how and what to include in a collection! the law must tell us what is legal and what not, and not what must be in fashion. if it was like this why don’t we also say for music: this year the law says that we must listen to the tango!
    -“models will have to present their body mass index, that must not be over 18”. based on this rule a model like kate moss could not parade. the most payed and important model. it would be like saying that schumacher cannot race in formula one because he goes too fast and it is dangerous.

    believe me, this is all madness, all crap, all smoke in the eyes to hide real problems.
    models should produce a body mass certificate? but if they are all working illegaly in italy during the fashion shows! and they work illegally, without any mere rule.
    it is very easy to take care of this matters cutting a dash.
    why they don’t read the first 100 pages of “gomorra” and they’ll see how the italian fashion system works?!?
    smoke, only smoke in the eyes …..

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    14 dicembre 2006


    during this trip in south africa i’ve shot (the verb is not by chance…) the book by roberto saviano “gomorra”.
    fuck what a blow!
    bravo, bravissimo roberto.
    a frill and tinsel free writing talk and reporta about the “camorra” system in naples area.
    names and surnames included.
    i’m not surprised that he has been assigned bodyguards. what surprises me is that he is still alive.
    for christmas, try to avoid to waste money in rubbish, buy this book, even if you will not read it. roberto deserves at least success and money.
    bravissimo, great roberto. i wouls call him a hero.
    unfortunately he is a real hero. unfortunately.
    because, like someone said, blessed be the nation that doesn’t need heroes.
    we still need them…

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    12 dicembre 2006

    flying over africa

    if you have found answers to your questions probably those were not the right questions…

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    12 dicembre 2006

    technical news

    i’m a photographer (really?) but seldom i speak about photography in this blog.
    maybe those who came and read it would like to have some technical details, with what i shoot, how, using which materials and which cameras.
    so i wanted to write now about these things.
    but i don’t know what to write, i have nothing to write about this topic.
    there is really nothing worth of any interest.
    far too often i hear talks around on technical topics by assistants or photographers.
    the assistant who’s helping here in cape town was very envious of the digital hasselblad i brought for this job and he would have like to have time to borrough it and test it.
    i’ve so often heard potographers or assistants talk about the canon optic much better of the nikon or viceversa.
    all absolutely and completely unuseful matters.
    not only, but also confusing, and distructing from the real objective: one can think that with a certain camera, a certain lens, a certain flash, all will be better.
    absolute rubbish.
    it is like thinking that the food will be better if cokked in specific pots.
    the pot is important, very important, but it is not the food you are going to cook inside.
    the mean must be functional to the message, and not the opposite.
    i use what is the best on the market, but there is only one thing nesessary to take good photos: an idea, a project and culture of the image.
    don’t think of buying one more super lens, use that money to buy books by authors you can learn from.

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    12 dicembre 2006


    i’m still in cape town.
    and here is spring…
    every time this shatters me, because to come here on the other side of the world is not only a question to come to a warm weather, like going to the caribbean or the maldives, but it is a mad radical change: here roses are blossoming, lavenders are growing, grapes are ripening…
    i’ve practically finished my work and i came here to take three shots and i repeat three.
    Sometimes when I think about it everything seems so crazy, busting my ass, move to the other side of the world for what? Make pretty pictures, create great advertising campaigns, to sell more products… obviously if you see things done from the inside of the working process it makes sense, but if you see things from the outside, it is easy to lose sense of it all.
    Every time I read that this year’s GDP of a nation has grown only 2 percent and it’s seen as a disaster I ask myself what it the reason for it. It’s full, there is a lot, how can there be more? You know we had difficulties coming to cape town because we couldn’t find any flights nor accommodation. All flights were booked, in all classes. My argument is not merely an ecologist one, it is more broad, it’s on the instinctive and natural need of humans to always do more.
    The roman empire that want to extend to asia, the spanish that want to cross hercules columns to find new land… to get far… far, how far and where?

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    10 dicembre 2006

    this is you

    A good post written by a friend is worth mentioning:

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    8 dicembre 2006

    Here I am

    As I was pointing out, here I am.
    I went through hell lately.
    Deep hell!
    I’ve worked really hard.
    And I didn’t have any time to come around to write my bullshit that from time to time I feel like writing.
    But what happens usually is about to happen again: I’m leaving.
    So maybe I’ll find time to write but most of all to read.
    And where am I going?
    Where do you want me to go, always to the same place…
    No too long ago they used to ask me: “why the fuck you always go shoot in cape town?”
    And for sometimes they ask me: “what the fuck are you always doing in milan?”
    In short, I’m in malpensa, in half an hour I have a flight to zurich, then zurich to johannesburg and finally cape town.
    I’m leaving the approaching winter to go to the approaching summer.
    And from the back of the hall you hear shout: “ah benedusi, go fuck yourself!”

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