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  • 30 giugno 2007

    malaysia #10

    from the series : the unlucky events that can happen to a fashion photographer in malaysia: today we were shooting again on the beach pictured here below bordering a wild tropical forest.
    Full of strange animals. like for instance some huge lizard about two meters long that now and then come out and take a stroll on the beach, for the joy of young couples from busto arsizio in honeymoon.
    but the most popular inhabitants are the monkeys, really messy and a pain in the ass, really in large numbers.
    now and then they arrive in big groups trying to steal, obviously especially food.
    today we were there shooting and suddenly these cute monkeys attacked us.
    and what do they target?
    the stylist’s bag! full of accessories like earrings, necklaces and things like that.
    they break the plastic bags and steal everything.
    all the earrings!
    all the necklaces!
    all the bracelets!
    with the rings!
    i swear!
    they only left few things of little value.
    now, try to imagine the scene of a group of dandy westerners staring at the monkeys running away with all their stuff.
    maybe those monkeys were females, who knows.
    so we all start running after the monkeys…
    and the monkeys run up the trees and they look at you from the top holding our “precious” belongings with their hairy little hands.
    at that stage, i must say, i lost interest in the whole event, and i left to the rest the onerous duty to negotiate with the group of malaysian monkeys.
    i sat under a palm tree and I took a nap.
    are you also very anxious as i was about the fate of those very important bijoux?
    it looks as if after exhausting negotiations the monkeys gave up the loot.
    i’ve heard a whisper in the backstage of sport illustrated, that it happened only after providing a big supply of bananas…
    (i have novelized it, but i can assure you that this is what happened…)


    29 giugno 2007

    malaysia #09



    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #08

    one word is too little, two are too many:
    sport illustrated!


    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #07

    one of the bedrooms…


    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #06

    A version
    let’s get down to it: i’m in paradise.
    in the past few years i’ve been to beautiful places while shooting for sport illustrated, but nothing compared to where i am now. it is really beautiful.
    it is called pangkor laut resort, and you can find information here the resort takes up the whole island of pankor laut, about 300 km from kuala lumpur.
    everything is perfect, enchanting, marvellous.
    the SPA has been awarded three years in a row as the best in the world.
    mick jagger has regular holidays here.
    temperature is perfect, hot but not too much.
    water temperature perfect, warm but not too much.
    food is deliciously malaysian.
    here is a detail to explain how everything is perfect here: today we went all over to decide where to shoot, and we also went to see various residences and rooms. when visiting empty places we did what local also the personnel accompanying us did: we left the shoes outside.
    when coming out of the room we always found our shoes turned around and facing outside , they did it so we didn’t have to bend and turn them ourselves!
    next are some photos of the place i took today. that big house, in one of the pictures is my room…
    did I hear well … it seems to me that an undefined noise comes all the way from italy … don’t understand … now i hear you well…”benedusi! fuck off!!!”

    B version
    what can i say, my little tigers.. the place is nice, but as the rule is those who have means chi ha pane non ha denti, these places don’t impress me that much…
    first of all i prefer cold weather to hot. i prefer a nice rainy day to a sunny one.
    and this could also be a strange eccentricity …
    but this place, all fake, all already made, full of couples in honeymoon thinking of immersing themselves in an real exotic adventure. they will never know, and i include myself, anything about the true malaysia, what the real malaysian people think, eat and does.
    we are here, like we could be in cuba, mauritius and any other tropical place.
    who knows what we eat is coming from, surely it is all frozen… do you want to know the truth? tonight i would so much like to be in amalfi eating something delicious with “limone di pansa”.
    well this is it … and it is not that fantastic.
    ah! i forgot! the photos here attached i took today, have been retouched, retouched a lot, to make the place look better than what it is …
    bye little tigers


    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #05

    knives they gave me at lunch…


    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #04

    despite i already arrived at my destination, i would like to spend few more words on travels and travelling.
    more specifically this last trip (besides being exhaustingly long, like i said in the previous post…) went well.
    i’ve done what i like to do the most in the world: read, listen to music, watch movies, eat and sleep.
    in these last 24 hours i’ve in fact only done what is listed below:
    -i read the book by gian antonio stella and sergio rizzo ” la casta”. i’m a great fan of gian antonio stella, and the idea that my chaotic diary will be on the same pages where the great GAS has been, makes me feel almost more embarrassed than proud…
    -i’ve seen the movie “l’aria salata” with giorgio pasotti and the soundtrack by antony. beautiful movie. i met and took pictures of giorgio pasotti, talented and pleasant, and the other night, just before i left, i went to a concert by the huge antony. strange coincidences…red thread linking different events… confused noises that suddenly find their own harmony…
    -i listened always to music on my ipod; de andrè, genesis, the cure, the cinematic orchestra, vinicio capossela, joy division, air…and so on in a irrational and transversal frenzy… here also red threads crossing….
    -i have eaten. pretty bad
    -i have slept. a little
    one last thing, on traveling, and then we leave this topic: the rules for security, that lately are all over the airports.
    it is the right thing to do. maybe. probably according to my very modest opinion with some irrational incoherencies. to say it mildly.
    two main examples:
    -when you check in they search you thoroughly, you can imagine with me and all my cameras, computer and all the rest.
    they carefully check everything, they look here and there, and sometimes they find extremely dangerous items: nail scissors, swiss knives, shaving blades. they look at you as you were a very dangerous killer and they confiscate the extremely fearful weapons.
    Very well, i think they do every good job.
    it is a pity though that when you get on the plane and you are about to have a meal they bring various aluminium knives.
    what was highly prohibited 10 meters before, 10 meters after, inside the plane they give it to you.
    -water. lately there has been an obsession with bottles of water. they search for it with the same determination maybe even more than that reserved to the nail files. then again, they find the water, confiscate it and throw it away.
    i’m absolutely sure there must be some kind of rationality in all this. there must be good reasons. but i do not understand them.
    i think there can only be two explanations, either the bottle of water can hide a bomb, or water can be used to make a bomb.
    first option: does it make sense to hide a bomb in a transparent bottle of water rather than in a thousand other places?!?
    second option: fine, water is used to make a bomb. they confiscate the water. You go into the airport and find bars, restaurants, duty free were you can buy litres and litres of water!
    so what?
    let’s admit that, absorbed by the readings of gian antonio stella and deceived by the nobility of the stage i enjoy during these days, i’ve been carried away a bit.
    relax little tigers, tomorrow the fashion photographer will be back to write more…


    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #03

    quick update stop
    just reached my destination stop
    i haven’t got a clue where my destination is, and therefore where am i stop
    24h trip stop
    two hours plane in europe stop
    twelve hours plane towards malaysia stop
    five hours bus towards north stop
    one hour boat towards who knows where stop
    thirty degrees and 100% humidity stop
    outside stop
    degrees here in the hotel lobby stop
    all is fine thanks stop
    soon updates more relaxed stop
    ciao little tigers stop

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    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #02

    here we are!
    first instalment of my trip shooting for sport illustrated in malaysia.
    left this morning, monday, from linate airport.
    the first picture i take from the alitalia plane that finally leaves the ground.
    now i’m in amsterdam, waiting for the flight to kuala lumpur.
    something a fashion photographer does often and must learn to do well is to travel.
    some advice can be useful, not only to those who do my work, but also to the usual traveller.
    first of all it is important to have a good suitcase, i have a samsonite, obviously there are many more as good, but this for me is the best. the problem is that this is probably the most popular make in the world. it is easy it gets swapped with someone else’s.
    my advise is to make it as personal as possible as i did, as you can see in the photo.
    it is also good to put scotch tape or ribbons. i wanted to exaggerate printing my surname on both sides, after many trips have almost disappeared…
    there is one single thing absolutely necessary while travelling: one could even leave without luggage, someone like me even without camera, nothing at all, but the real necessary item, besides the passport, is a good credit card.
    it is not a simple advice from a snob fashion photographer, if you travel, especially in the u.s.a., do not even think of leaving without that piece of plastic in the wallet.
    once packed the suitcase, (not like me, i know very well that half the stuff i carry with me i will not even touch. the problem is i don’t know which half it is…), credit card in your wallet, jersey and scarf for the airplane (yes, always, even if you leave with the heat and you arrive in the heat, the plane who knows why is always cold) and go towards the airport, oh no! they are calling my plane for malaysia… have to run… we speak tomorrow from the kingdom of sandokan…

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    28 giugno 2007

    malaysia #01

    well, let’s do like that: i’m honoured that publishes my diary, but i think it is right to also place it on my blog.
    ubi major minor cessat?
    therefore starting from today you will find both on corriere and here the diary of the shooting in malaysia for sport illustrated.
    with a recap of the previous serials already published on corriere…
    stay tuned, little tigers!

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