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  • 19 luglio 2007

    summer 2007

    warm like the kiss i have lost
    full of a long gone love
    my heart would like to forget

    the sun that everyday warmed us
    what beautiful sunset was painting
    now burns alone furiously

    another winter will come
    a thousand rose petals will fall
    snow will cover everything
    and maybe some peace will be back

    that gave its perfume to each flower
    sommer that created our love
    to let me then die in pain.

    bruno martino

    by capossela


    13 luglio 2007

    new seventy adv


    7 luglio 2007

    italy, bel paese

    surely when coming back from malesia to beloved italy, it is possible to find enough reasons to be fed up and wanting to run immediately away from this beautiful country
    it is possible during a stop over in rome, where one is immediately overwhelmed by the worst roman attitude, “a dottò!, by the mess, by the lack of information, by the inaccuracy, by the fact that there is at the security (i think the only place in the world), one line dedicated to those with “ulisse” or “freccia alata” VIP cards.
    these people do not queue, and they are noy checked like everybody else, it is all a triumph of invitation letters, of pranks and manouvreurs who do not give a fuck of the queue and fuck their own businness.
    I also have the “ulisse” card (it is not exactly the VIP, it is for the wanna be VIP, but not there yet) and i also jumped the queue but i don’t find it fair.
    but we could all bear this (especially those like me who didn’t have to sit in the queue like the other idiots….), but once sitting on the plane one starts reading the newspaper, this is the time to be on guard:
    one reads that ENI, short for NATIONAL HYDROCARBONS AGENCY, took a fantastic decision.
    this one: help the planet to fight pollution and global warming, will allow its emplyees not to wear a tie at the office, so that the level of the airconditioners can be kept lower.
    Well, let me understand, the largest oil industry in italy fights pollution letting their employees take away their ties?!?
    are ties the danger and the cause for pollution in the world?!?
    think about the producers of ties north of milan, suddenly finding themselves guilty of all disasters in the planet : if they knew before they would have opened a nice petrol pump….


    5 luglio 2007

    malaysia #14_the end

    i want to end all with a small egocentric pinch, with a tiny idea of protagonism, with a spark of vanity: i add a selfportrait they asked me to do and i did on the most beautiful beach of the island where i was.
    exactly, where i was, because now i am at kuala lumpur airport, in the lounge of malaysia airlines, that seems tha bar of “star wars”: strange individuals, muslim women cover head to toe, australian turists, ex- freaks, businness men with the PC open on excell files, old americans wearing tekkies and a twenty something attitude, and…an italian photographer going back to italy.
    it has been a week of good work, and especially, i have to admit, of relax: it has been very useful after months of super pressure.
    as usual in these cases i read a lot (you want to be a photographer? try to know about photography as much as possible! you want to write? read! you want to become poets? learn by heart all the poems of the world!)
    i read the book by gian antonio stella (what can i say, together with the one by saviano should be compulsory for everyone…), the last by sandro veronesi “brucia troia” (nice, not as good like “caos calmo”) and now i’m reading the booklet (only in dimensions) “diario australiano” by rodolfo sonego, the historical screenwriter of alberto sordi, who wrote the book while checking locations for the movie “bello, onesto emigrato in australia sposerebbe emigrata illibata”.
    travel book, perfect to read while travelling.
    and from this delightful travel diary i’m stealing these few lines:
    “writing like this, always, all life without stopping…but not for the others, for oneself, to live every moment, to enjoy it and feel it deeply.
    instead, right from these seats, looking from these windows how many landscapes have i lost: not having described them or drawn they are lost for the others but also for myself. memory lies only in written words or drawings. all the rest are larvaes, gosta or fog that disappear immediately and remain deformed in the memory like certain songs from very ole records…”


    5 luglio 2007

    malaysia #13

    for the friends of i have prep[ared an unmissable questionnaire i proposed to the models i have taken pictures of to know a little bit more about them.
    for you very refined and intellectual readersof my blog these are models!
    here is the questionnaire i’ve submitted to aya, a nice japanese girl that is working here and has helped us during these days:
    name: Aya Kaneko
    age: 28
    born: japan
    lives: malaysia
    agency: no!
    first photo feature: this is the first
    engaged: single
    film preferito: il padrino
    favourite book : a japonese book, title, more or less, “sensei”” the governess”
    best place visited: rome
    favourite food: japonese
    bath or shower : bath
    favourite music: coldplay, U2
    if you were not a model: doctor
    child dream : doctor
    the caracteristic of the ideal man : funny, generous and knows how to take care of me
    do you like the small belly in men: no!
    what will save the world?: trying not to be selfish
    what will destroy it?: selfishness
    how do you see youself in twenty years?: with a husband, children, but still working in hotels
    would you prefer to have a beautiful or a clever daughter?: first she asks: des that mean that if she is clever she should be ugly? i answer yes, and she says : clever
    if you were the most powerful man in the world what would you do: i would erase the debt poor countries have towards rich countries.
    what do you do to keep yourself beautiful: i’m not beautiful! _yes you are!_ i eat a lot of vegetables and i try to exercise
    what is your relation with your colleagues?: friendly
    which part of your body you would like to change?: the nose
    how much cost a liter of milk: in tokyo three dollars.

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    3 luglio 2007

    malaysia #12

    more and more often i receive e-mails asking explanations on the purely photographic and technical aspects of my work , topics i seldom write about.
    and this happens because I really wouldn’t know what to write.
    my way of working is extremely simple, and even the equipment i carry roud is simple.
    in my bag there are two canon eos 1 ds mark 2.
    in my opinion it is absolutely the best camera for those wanting to do photography at a professional level.
    (they don’t pay me a cent, not even free cameras from canon, they just treat me fairly well, and not even in italy, so these comments like all others are sincere and totally indipendent…)
    medium format are better, but they are slow and complex. sometimes i use them , but very seldom.
    anyhow, here i brought my canons and three normal lenses, 50 mm. 99 per cent of the time i use infact only this lens. while shooting here in malaysia always only the 50 mm.
    i shoot using absolutely nothing, nor panels, nor polystyrene, nor reflexion of any kind.
    i shoot in jpg, i find that this way is much easier and fast to manage the files.
    i find the differences between jpg e raw all unuseful rubbish, for me there is no difference, and if there is is not detected once printed on the page of a paper.
    I download everything on my MAC. that is obviously the computer to manage and elaborate the pictures.
    that’s it. nothing else.
    this is why i don’t know what to say when someone asks me about this topic, i have nothing to say!
    i said it already many times, now someone will say that i repeat myself and i say the same things over and over, bt this is really worth repeating: symplicity is the most important item. ideas count, motion counts, stories count, all the rest is nihil.
    technique must be learned like you have to learn grammar if you want to write; but must be immediately forgotten, must be hidden, you have to allow only one thing to talk , your emotions.
    in the small picture here above the assistant thatis here with me garrot, a south african, while working at the benedusi stationing…


    1 luglio 2007

    malaysia #11

    and a world preview for you, one of the next models in sport illustrated: ava! (it is her real name…)