screw you mommies

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i’m thinking to give up photography, finding i can do a better job as a pain in the ass. unfortunately when starting to criticize, one is reminded that “those who are without sin, let them cast the first stone”. i … Continua

screw you vogue

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last night i was in my bed and i couldn’t sleep. i was absolutely fucking fed up. i wanted to get up and write these few lines, but lickly i fell asleep, i’m afraid i would have said much more … Continua


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i’ve been reading for a while and with great pleasure and enjoyment the most beautiful italian magazine, l’internazionale. i do it for my own pleasure, but I cannot deny also with obvious pride i’m doing something not revolutionary, or not … Continua


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i often have ideas in fact, without boasting too much i have a lot, maybe sooner or later i will also manage to realize them. time is too short. and some of them are so strange, i’m afraid it is … Continua

my best music

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tonight i went to “La Scala” theater, and once again i convinced myself that i madly like music, any kind of music that is good. fuck how i like music! i can’t be without it. i listen to it constantly, … Continua

the show must go on

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thank-you, thank-you thank-you, to all of you. to all those who wrote, phoned, texted, sent telegrams. and even only thought about me. speaking about these things on a silly blog makes the blog itself a little less silly, and it … Continua