small things

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to tell you the truth what i would like to talk about already has a title “zero tolerance” but in reality I do not like this wording so mush, it sound slightly fascist. anyhow, beyond definitios, I would also like … Continua

here is claudio

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these days, more than usual, you are sending e-mails (especially) or messages regarding technicality, organization, managing and other aspects of my job. unfortunately i either do not have enough time to answer or i don’t have the faintest idea of … Continua

radio deejay

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i had a plesant conversation on he phone with vic tonight, from 7 pm onwards, it should be aired on radio deejay in his program vickipedia. i’m i boasting about it? yes, I’m boasting about it

are you using a RSS reader?

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i don’t have the faintest idea of what it is, but my friend nexus, who is the wizard of oz therefore he knows very well, tells me is one of those essential items, one that splits your life in before … Continua


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well, today is a special day. it is like being at home with few friends. all relaxed sipping red wine and suddenly the door bell rings. one of us goes at the door, opens it, and …. finds in front … Continua

i’m not the only one…

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from Espresso on sale now: ” a wave or terrible enviness is sweeping through the fashion photographers fraternity. After eighteen years during which no italian photographer has had the honour to sign the cover page of “Vogue Italia”, because it’s … Continua


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in the evolution of language bizzarre things happen, because language is alive. infact from sanscrit we went to greek, from greek to latin, from latin to vulgar, from vulgar to italian, from italian to slang, without the perception of any … Continua