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  • 21 dicembre 2007

    ferroli calendar

    the world of calendars is a little bit strange.
    it is an irrational collective hysteria.
    for a certain period of the year everybody goes mad for this f’ing calendars, anybody can take 12 shots, adds the months and days, and 12 f’ing photos become a “calendar”, immediately upgrading their status and all newspapers, especially online, publish indecent images, that would have benn ignored if it didn’t rise to that status.
    i always compare this phenomenon, although it has little to do with it, to the sanremo festival: a small pathetic provincial theater hosting small and pathetic (in most cases) singers, that a month before and a month after nobody cares about, but during the festival week become, as a kind of magic and for a similar hysteria, some kind of gods.
    i also have done, more or less once a year, some calendars.
    sometimes nice, sometimes not so.
    sometimes I have been happy i’ve done them, sometimes not so.
    the one that just came out, the ferroli, i’.m very happy and proud to have done it.
    for you only here can download the whole calendar in pdf.
    here is the site dedicated to it.


    17 dicembre 2007

    canon eos1 ds mark 3

    for once some technical details!
    they tell me i’m one of the few that owns the new canon eos1 ds mark 3.
    from the little i’ve used it it looks to me really extraordinary..
    i’ve tried a quick test.
    here can download a couple of high definition images, one made with the mark 2 and one with the mark 3.
    strangely enough the lighter jpg is the one with the heavier file.
    both images had the same treatment, with very light correction and a contrast mask.
    what a service you get from benedusi, eh?


    15 dicembre 2007

    sport illustrated back stage #03


    15 dicembre 2007

    sport illustrated back stage #02


    15 dicembre 2007

    sport illustrated back stage #01


    15 dicembre 2007


    a short while ago a new book came out celebrating twenty years of the label “costume national” and his creator ennio capasa.
    the cover has my portrait on and was made by the talented ennio himself …..

    No Comments »

    15 dicembre 2007


    this is it, i’m through with this shit of talking about sozzani, vogue and all the mess and problems you all know very well.
    also because I live a very nice life, without bothering about them.
    but i’m more and more fucking angry, fuck i’m angry.
    i would like to get fully back to the interview sozzani, vogue italia editor, uomo vogue editor and editorial director of conde’ nast italia, the interview she had last week in the program “barbaric invasion” by bignardi, first i found bizarre that sozzani, who never went before on tv and normally resists interviews, goes on tv! (so that lots more people see and listen to her! and not on a niche swedish magazine…..) to be interviewed exactly a week after the reportage by “report”. does it look like an attempt to clear herself after the quite serious inquiry by sabrina giannini, report’s journalist? and who’s doing the interview? listen to this! a lady that works, with her husband, for vanity fair, the magazine sozzani is editorial director for, can you believe the coincidence!!
    and they do not say it, eh! it would be as if someone would accuse me of terrible facts and my assistant would interview me. But all these facts, like everything else, seem normal.
    let’s examine the interview.
    i’m looking at it here
    – she starts by saying she spends her time on the plane looking for new photographers. what a start! i think she shoould avoid polluting the planet and waist time: the photographers she employs has been the same for the last 20 years, the new ones she just employed (finally italian!) for uomo vogue are her son and her boyfriend. let alone a plane trip, she had them at home, the new photographers.
    – she talks about advertising and says that vogue, like all other fashion magazines, do not allow their ad clients to interfere, and their articles choices are free. sure thare are also donkies that fly and horses that know how to sing … but how can a person be allowed to tell these lies unpunished???! i can explain to you: at the fashion magazine offices there is a big wide sheet where is written: “client xy 10 pages of advertising to produce 10 pages editorial, done 8 still 2 to come”, this happens with all magazines, and is was introduced by vogue 20 years ago, it would be nice to have this sheet: i suppose it has disappeared from all editorial offices after the report interview. but there is a very simple way of verifying what i’m saying: one month client xy starts advertising, do we want to check if during the following months his editorials appear on the same magazine? how stange! there he is!
    – she says that vogue italia helps and must help italian fashion designers. where? the last italian designers that emerged in the international scene were dolce&gabbana, they have been discovered by marina fausti, actually the editor of, guess what!, gioia, at the time she was fashion editor of the great magazine “moda”, I would like someone to tell me who where the Italian designers launched by vogue! they shoot and do everything in new york!
    – they ask her about report, she says “they already knew everything”. can you believe it, it is really a matter of david against golia, a very powerful giant that even has informers, against someone like sabrina gianini, a journalist which only strength is her professionality
    – she says she does not do consultancy work, some statements should be proven. ok, she does not free lance.
    -ahhhah hahh hahhh ha hhhhaaaaa!!!!!!
    – they ask her, with unespected malice, if someone like moggi exist in the fashion business, she answers she does not know who moggi is, there are two explanations: she is other ignorant, which is quite serious for a magazine editor, or, being used to it, she is lying. I don’t see any other alternative.
    – they ask her about the famous episode of the “cotoletta’ involving dolce&gabbana, she answers she does not know it. there are two explanations: she is other ignorant, which is quite serious for a magazine editor, or, being used to it, she is lying. I don’t see any other alternative
    – she speaks about her son, and I remind you once again, he just did the cover for uomo vogue, and she says he is not a fashion photographer, fabulous! the boy does fashion editorials for uomo vogue and he is not a fashion photographer:
    here is a secret for young italian photographer wanting to be fashion photographer for vogue : just do not be it!
    – she says that anyway her son is not the only young Italian to have done the cover for uomo vogue. She says someone else did it. what a pity, this other one is the best friend of her son, they even share the same agent
    – “and if one is more round?” “just too bad!” no comment

    enough, i’m fucking over it, and i finish here.
    but the situation is much worst than you can imagine, there is absolutely no meritocracy, only nepotism. on the other hand why should we be surprised? If it is like that in Italian hospitals, in Italian courts, at Italian universities, it should be like this in the Italian fashion photographic environment! just imagine! at least here nobody dies!
    nobody can say the opposite otherwise i can tell it all.
    i’ve asked few post ago to name some italian photographers. the friend alan wrote a list of italian names, they were all people raised and grown abroad, surely not in italy. in italy a laboratory for italian talents does not exist, and this is the worst consequence of the vogue attitude. the few italian that manage to publish in italy are all husbands/boyfriends of someone. do you want the names, so we do not miss anything? here is a mail i have received and has been around for a while in the fashion world.

    i would have still a lot to say and to write,
    but enough now, i’m really fucking over it.
    what I can tell you is that it is not over.
    you would agree with me that already some time ago, during unsuspected times, i spoke about these topics, and i told you that it would have a big media exposure soon. this is it.
    and i can tell you now that this is not the end.
    we will go on.
    send your informers.
    reinstate your spies.
    we are not stopping ….

    here above the opening page of vogue and the opening page of one of my shoots some time ago: vogue doesn’t get always get there first….


    10 dicembre 2007

    condè nast

    look who’s here!
    the barons from conde’ nast are peeping into my website!
    at least they are modern, they use MAC and firefox….


    9 dicembre 2007

    cape town-london-milan

    coming back to italy!


    8 dicembre 2007

    cape town #07 report #02

    i’m still shooting in cape town.
    i have just seen via internet the program “barbaric invasions” where franca sozzani has been interviewed, the editor of vogue italia and uomo vogue, beside being editorial director of conde’ nast, the editing house of the two magazines and many more, I’ve had to listen to a big amount of, let’s not say lies, let’s say inaccuracies.
    i will examine them calmly and with cold bood.
    for now I only want to say one thing: the interviewer was the journalist bignardi, she forgot to say that together with her husband, she is working for vanity fair magazine, edited by the same conde nast, of which, I say it again, sozzani is editorial director.
    she was therefore interviewing her boss.
    doesn’t this change a bit the picture?

    a warm thank-you to sabrina giannini, author of the report article, for the nice words about me: