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  • 26 giugno 2008

    back in milan

    here i am, back in milan, the center of my circumferences. someone must have noticed a sort of dichotomic schizophrenia, blogging here and there: i will stop being a photographer and i will start a full time carrier as bloggist/blogger, as you want to say it. i promise you one thing: that here will be the back stage of the backstage, so i will keep on showing and saying things i cannot show or say on the other side, with my healthy and disenchanted cynism. for instance: maldives are a shitty place and only losers on their honeymoon can go. i understand during winter, if someone wants some sun and warm weather when here is cold, but what sense does it make to go in june? the food is shit, the only fish i saw on the table was salmon. i swear. one night only they gave us tuna. all is defrosted and who knows where it comes from. the water we drank was of two types: either san pellegrino, coming from the valley above bergamo, or perrier, imported from australia and brought there from france. i can’t wait the time when oil will reach 500 euro a barrel so that these follies will come to an end. eating salmon at the maldives coming all the way from from norway?!?! but why don’t you catch the fish just in front of you? the fact of the matter is that at the moment it is cheaper to fly it from norway. the place where i was staying was nice and the maldivians are kind and nice, but why not go to puglia? or sicily? or sardinia? and all these newlyweds all ready to show off the little tattoo they just had done: a dolphin at the ankle, an oriental symbol on the back meaning love… the women with those horrible white slightly long nails … the little diamond on the nose, and those fearful hair extensions ….. and the males waxed like novel costantins and the german soccer player hair cut, short in front and long at the back. this mass of amateurs could not avoid to applause at the landing of the plane. i met a couple, i said: you brought at least a book to read! they looked at me as if i asked them if they brought their skis. “we never read a book in our entire life”. and then she says: “ sorry! i read a book about aesthetic treatment of the skin”. the newlywed try to express a sort of affectionate intimacy, but, as i already told you, they can’t hide the mutual boredom, can’t show any smile or complicity: don’t worry you will soon get divorced and you will get rid of this heavy weight. to all those nerds i dedicate Cyrano by guccini. ole’! Come along, you with a short nose, embellished gentlemen, I cannot stand you anymore, I will slide the pen well deep into your pride because with this sword I can kill you when I want. Come along clumsy poets, wasted singers of woeful days, buffoons living out of lines with no strength you have money and glory, but your skin is soft; enjoy success, enjoy until it lasts, the audience is tamed and you do not fear, and you go who knows where to avoid paying taxes with that sneer and the ignorance of those who come first in the class. I’m only a poor cadet from Gascony, but I cannot stand people who don’t dream. The tinsels? The social climbing? I don’t swallow the hook and at the end of the licence I don’t forgive and touch, I don’t forgive, I don’t forgive and touch! Let’s come to the end of it, come all along new protagonists, rampant politicians, pimps and second-rate men, fierce master of false broadcasts that often you have presented qualunquism as an art, cheer-up free-traders, throw down your cards there will be always someone that will pay the expenses in this blessed, absurd country. I don’t give a damn if I’m also wrong, to unplease is my pleasure, I love to be hated; with the smart and the arrogant i’ve always played and at the end of the licence I don’t’ forgive and touch, I don’t forgive, I don’t forgive and touch! but when I am on my own with this thwarty nose that always heads me at least a half an hour my rage fades and I remember with pain that to me the dream of love is almost prohibited; I don’t know how many I loved, I dont’ know how many I had, for guilt or for destiny I’ve lost the women and when I feel the weight of being always alone I shut myself at home and write and by writing I soothe myself, but inside of me I feel great love exists, I love without sin, I love, but I’m sad because Rosssana is beautiful, we are so different, I don’t succeed in talking to her: I will talk to her with lines, I will talk to her with lines….. Come empty crowd, let’s stop it, you priests selling another life to everybody; if there is, like you say, one God in the infinite, look at your heart, you have already betrayed him and you materialists, with your fixed idea, that God is dead and man is alone in this abyss, look for the truths on the ground, like pigs, keep the acorns, leave me the wings: go home dwarfs, move from the front, for my enormous rage I need giants. I never rise to the bait of dogmas and prejudices and at the end of the licence I don’t forgive and touch, I don’t’ forgive, I don’t forgive and touch! I touch my enemies with the nose and the sword, but in this life today I don’t find the road anymore. I don’t want to give in and be wicked, you only can save me, you only and I write to you: there must be, on earth or on heaven, a place where we will not suffer and all will be fair. Don’t laugh, please, for these words of mine, I’m only a shadow and you Rossana are the sun, but you, I know, you don’t laugh, sweet lady and I don’t hide under your abode because now I feel, I’ve not suffered in vain, if you love me the way I am, forever yours, forever yours ….. Cyrano


    21 giugno 2008

    maldives #02

    newly marrried in honey moon
    colored fish
    sun screen
    and now and then few photos ….


    18 giugno 2008


    here I am, I am at the maldives, to shoot the new edition of sport illustrated ….. i’m on the small island of bandos. here above a shot from the top: can you see me?


    16 giugno 2008

    fasten seat belt…

    next to me a long queue of newly married. all with shining rings at their fingers. all quiet and sad. most of male think: “what an ugly one i have married”. most of female think: “what an imbecile i’ve married”. in my opinion when the aeroplane will take off they all are ready for divorce. beside me the only single is a middle age woman hoping to screw there where we are going. she is realizing that tragically they are all already couples. she will die of boredom and she couldn’t wait to come hone. after these preliminaries, guess where I’m heading to?


    7 giugno 2008

    dino risi has died

    great director. without equal narrator of beautiful stories. his unmissable movies: the widower (with a great alberto sordi), poor but beautiful, a difficult life, the monsters, scent of a woman, the bishop’s room (with a great ugo tognazzi) and the mythical sorpasso, from which a scene here above, and obviously a thousand others …. an absolutely must read the book he wrote few years ago, a kind of autobiography, “my monsters”. buy it, borrow it, steal it ….. do what you want but read it, it will be you best ever. bye dino risi and than-you!