29 agosto 2008


every year in arles (provence, france) there is a beautiful festival of photography http://www.rencontres-arles.com/arl/C.aspx?VP3=Renderer_VPagei go when i can, and it is always a great pleasure. i’ve been this august, and it was better than the last few editions, just to explain with what respect and love photography is treated, here above the location of a lindbergh exhibition: a church! desecrated, but still a church…i’ve seen a lot of exhibitions and a lot of photographers. if i have to choose the one i liked the most i would say pieter hugo, showing a beautiful reportage from africa, where young black men keep very strange “domesticated” beasts, antique and modern at the same time. really a beautiful work. pieter is south african, and you can see his work here http://www.pieterhugo.com//. some tourist and gastronomic information the hotel where to stay in arles is the nord pinus, one of the most wonderful hotel in the world. http://www.nord-pinus.com//. two choices for eating out. the first is an “important” restaurant, one michelin star called “l’atelier” http://www.rabanel.com/creative and modern cooking, strongly linked to territory and tradition. well, they serve those small foams that are very much a fashion, but the food is excellent. as they tell you when you sit down, more than eating it is a trip. you have to book, it is always very full. next to it, from the same owner and chef, the dependence bistro of the titled restaurant. it is called \”a cotè\” http://www.bistro-acote.com/it is as good, much faster, easy and traditional. i brought with me lots of books to read, maybe more than what umberto eco takes on holiday. at least i had to face the last simeon, if not for the place where i was. but in provence italian newspaper are distributed like if not more than in milan, and i read them like and more than in milan. i’ve only finished the book by frank mc.court “‘tis”, the book he wrote after “angela’s ashes”. very nice. to end and about the subject of italians, i would like someone to explain to me one of the great mysteries of our times: in every corner of the earth there are italian tourists. seriously it is crazy! in arles? only italians. have you ever been to new york? have you ever been at the apple store in new york? only italians. in london?!?! only italians. in paris?!?! absolutely only italians. in kenya? only italians. in ireland? only italians. i could go on and on , but why? what are all these italian doing around the world? well. it’s time to start again …. happy new year to everybody


5 agosto 2008

enjoy summer

twist everything, improvise everything, ridiscuss everything. determination takes to annulment. pneumatic vacuum caused by the whole suddenly full. we travel in the winter fog, chocked by gusts of hot wind. read, listen ….. to integrate like oil in water. “i love black and white photographs!” “i believe in God, but my way, i don’t believe in the church!” “i would like to do something creative!” “i study marketing!” “i would like to have a small tattoo on my ankle!” “fuck you!” http://www.benedusi.it/portfolio/albums/anticamera/ftp/piero_ciampi/Adius.mp3and if, surprisingly, i was the only fucker? have a good summer, shit. have a good summer, settimio benedusi