sharm el sheik

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I am shooting in one of the worst places in the world: sharm el sheik. (the client who eventually will read this column, don’t worry, to shoot swimwear when in italy is raining cats and dogs and it looks like … Continua

fashion vs design

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design 10 Fashion 0 May those knowitall dickheads from the fashion world learn: events full of people, thousands of things open democratically to the people, lively, italian talent taken to the extreme worldwide.. All of this and more at the … Continua

November’s flower

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tomorrow is the opening at the triennale in milan “November’s flower”, a fantastic exhibition by fabio novembre of which I was lucky enough to see the preparation this evening: everything is really incredible, fabio’s art, emiliano ponzi’s drawings, the lighting, … Continua


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I would like to write a couple of words (check out the presumption!) on the earthquake that has hit a few days ago the abruzzo region. Honestly there is a lot to write on the subject, but I would like … Continua

Do you think that I am an idiot?!!

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If you ever say the classic phrase to someone “DO-YOU-THINK-THAT-I-AM-AN-IDIOT?!?!” I’ll give you a terrible news: He REALLY thinks that you are an idiot and, even worst, you actually ARE an idiot.

A small vent

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I wouldn’t want to complain about my absolutely wonderful profession which I’ve chosen for myself. But there is a problem, frequent and constant, this profession has it… Introducing the introduction: this that I am about to say has nothing to … Continua

Tuscany region advert

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i know I am the first one to raise the issue about italian photographers, with their italian creativity and all this self sufficient crusade… but I am starting to think that they might be right, that it is necessary to … Continua

Augmented reality

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Try this thing here: it’s incredible! I tell you immediately, you need: A computer, with a webcam A printer It doesn’t work with safari, with firefox it does

It’s raining

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The evening lies down On roofs and street lamps And on the misty windows of bars And the cold eats Our minds and our hands And where is the colour of amber? He recalls Italy’s light And sun Which Dante … Continua

ponte dei sospiri venezia

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i get angry for the nepotism in the fashion world (when it’s in the hospitals or in the universities, even worst…) And the packaging they’ve done in milan with porta romana.. But this one beats them all! Thanks to luca … Continua