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not too long ago I spoke about the ad for the tuscan region. I didn’t think there was anything worst, instead there is: the ad for the ligurian region, which you can see above. The ligury is a very beautiful … Continua

political manifesto

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first of all let me be open about it: let’s say that I feel I am for the “”””left”””” I don’t know anymore what that word means, but let’s just say that, having to choose, I’d choose that side. But … Continua

fashion trash

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i’ve posted these photographs already somewhere else (ok, facebook..) but they are worth posting here as well with a good explanation: I was recently in london for a job. I shot in the extremely elegant sloane street, full of all … Continua

wu magazine

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it’s true, I do not write a lot about the jobs that I do. I am afraid to make a mistake, also in this: I am a photographer and I presume that who comes here to read does not care … Continua


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After sharm I went for a few days in london. I am at the airport on my way back and I had an epiphany: as someone might recall in the past I have complained about the fact that they confiscate … Continua