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  • 29 maggio 2009


    not too long ago I spoke about the ad for the tuscan region.
    I didn’t think there was anything worst, instead there is: the ad for the ligurian region, which you can see above.

    The ligury is a very beautiful place with very beautiful things, with a marvellous sea and what do these guys invent?

    – two idiots dressed up like idiots eating
    – A background with: a cement wall, a horrible black cliff, a horrible sea
    – The FLASH!!! Two idiots are illuminated by flash!!!
    – A basil plant close up that seems more dead than alive

    Is this possible?!?
    What is the creative idea behind this?!?!

    I, let’s say it, am ligurian, and I knwo that it is not easy to “sell” ligury, also because (obviously!) this is the idea that the rest of italy and of the world have in mind of this region: LINK

    Ok, have a great long weekend everyone, I am going in.. Ligury!


    26 maggio 2009

    political manifesto

    first of all let me be open about it: let’s say that I feel I am for the “”””left”””” I don’t know anymore what that word means, but let’s just say that, having to choose, I’d choose that side.
    But maybe I won’t be after this electoral poster of the democratic party.
    With a fantastic, revolutionary “slogan”, like we used to say: “on the side of the italian women”.
    What does this mean?!?!
    And against thunderstorms, no?!?!
    And against mosquitoes during the festivities in the country side, no?!?!
    And for the dolphins, no?!?!
    And for the puppies left on the side of the road, no?!?!

    What the fuck! Why not write something CONCRETE, REAL?!?! A TRUE OBJECTIVES?!?!

    Maybe they lost a voter…


    24 maggio 2009

    benedusi vs costacurta #03

    benedusi goal!


    24 maggio 2009

    benedusi vs costacurta #02

    benedusi shoots, costacurta in the goal…


    24 maggio 2009

    benedusi vs costacurta #01

    costacurta shoots, benedusi (with birkenstocks!) saves

    No Comments »

    24 maggio 2009

    The more the merrier and… benedusi vs costacurta

    It is a period of a lot of work, I am always working, 28 hours a day, 12 days of the week. Not to go too far, now, that is 10 on a Sunday morning, I am in my studio working (said in a milanese accent..)

    Therefore a crazy period of events, meetings. It would be interesting to tell you minute by minute, two or three of these days days: unfortunately I don’t really want to, I can’t a little, and a bit I shouldn’t..

    I would like to say a quick thing though, not to loose my political view: last Saturday, to change a bit I was going from one job to another, and at midnight I ran into a wild bunch that were celebrating the championship of a milanese team (not ac milan..).
    Can it be?!?!
    Is this possible?!?!
    How can an adult gifted with grey matter dress up in black and blue, dress up the unconscious son in black and blue and go around by car tooting the horn?!?! For a soccer team?!?!
    Really I do not understand.

    With the introduction above, you might have understood that I am not a typical italian: I do not care about soccer. And nonetheless about soccer players.
    On the other hand , I think that they are atheletes and especiallymen like all the others. Some are smart, some are less, like the rest of us.
    And I had the pleasure to meet one extremely intelligent and kind, during a recent job: alessandro “billy” costacurta.
    I think it would have been flabbergasting hearing us talk not about modules or those things, but contemporary art and photography: hearing him say that when he was in new york for I don’t remember what match, while the others where probably going around searching some pussy, he was going to photographic galleries buying photographs by mapplethorpe it was incredible..
    Bravo billy!

    But but but.. The average italian is always inside of us, and when in a deserted egyptian land I saw a small soccer field, I had the temptation to kick a free kick to a great champion: above here, in giorgio serinelli’s photos, the results..

    1 Comment »

    15 maggio 2009

    fashion trash #02

    … above here missoni


    15 maggio 2009

    fashion trash

    i’ve posted these photographs already somewhere else (ok, facebook..) but they are worth posting here as well with a good explanation: I was recently in london for a job.
    I shot in the extremely elegant sloane street, full of all the most important fashion boutiques in the world.
    All these elegant sparkling shops obviously face the street.
    Behind sloane street there is a small road, that is used as the back entrance, and where, especially, all in a row, with the typical british order, all the garbage bins.
    Every single bin is reserved for a boutique, and not to create confusion it carries the name of the relative stylist.

    So it happens that in front there is extreme luxury, and behind there is fashion trash.
    I couldn’t not document it..

    Above here is louis vuitton


    9 maggio 2009

    wu magazine

    it’s true, I do not write a lot about the jobs that I do.
    I am afraid to make a mistake, also in this: I am a photographer and I presume that who comes here to read does not care of my rantings like Grillo.
    I am a photographer and I should talk about photography and I should show especially photography!
    So in short, let’s say that (at least here!) I decide to do what I want..

    Anyways, after all this useless cry about, I will speak about a job done and about photography: not so long ago the second issue of the magazine free press wu magazine came out
    The first issue left me favourably impressed for the image quality, for the graphics and the print.
    I therefore accepted to do an editorial for them.
    Huge freedom obviously for whatever I wanted to do, and I liked doing a story freely inspired by the aesthetics of the american songwriter devendra banhart: a strange individual, that not only makes very beautiful music, but has a very very particular aesthetic. Here is his site
    He tells very well the story of his world for example in this video of his

    I thought then to do some portraits, with different people for each page.
    All different types from one another, dressed up in eccentric outfits but at the same time very real.
    Models that didn’t look like it, normal people but very particular, mature men completely and amazingly mad and the debut as a model of the small rose..
    Natural light, eyes in the camera, strongly conscious of being photographed.
    The layout is also dough in my bag, transforming the images from 24X36 to a square format, to better tell that period in which the vinyl sleeves had to be in the beautiful six by six format.

    The whole editorial on PDF here


    6 maggio 2009


    After sharm I went for a few days in london.
    I am at the airport on my way back and I had an epiphany: as someone might recall in the past I have complained about the fact that they confiscate the water bottles at the security check points. I always thought it was the biggest load of bullshit: I do not think that a transparent bottle of water is the best place to hide a bomb, and if that’s not the point everything gets even more absurd with the fact that as soon as you have passed the check point you can buy liters and liters of it.
    Today though I’ve understood why this ridiculous routine is needed: to keep the officers on alert.
    These poor people spend time looking into the bags of hundreds of people. And they never, or better, they wouldn’t find anything! Who comes to the check point with a bomb/hand gun/rifle in an airport?!? Nobody! Imagine the boredom of these poor souls that for day, weeks, months search and look for and they find nothing. Think about a fisherman that goes for years goes fishing and gets nothing: he’d probably get over fishing! And so they invented the story of the water: nobody cares if they confiscate a bottle of h2o and our fishermen, happy to catch a fish from time to time, are happy and lively!

    Ps: I wrote all this on the iphone, please appreciate it

    Ps#02: on the corriere della sera newspaper today there is an authoritative opinion of the vicissitudes of berlusconi’s photos by a settimio benussi.. 😉