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Luckily today’s new issue of style magazine is on the shelves (the monthly man zine insert of the corriere della sera newspaper) with one of my editorials therefore I am forced to negotiate with a hall of mirrors to bring … Continua


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If yesterday’s was rushed you can’t imagine today! What got into my head to do this blog marathon, today I’ve been in the city left right and center, I haven’t eaten, I haven’t drank I haven’t peed, and I could … Continua


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I promised and I maintain, one post everyday this week. Although this, I admit, I am taking away: it’s very late, I am all over the place and I have a thousand things to do. I will throw your way … Continua


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Everyone has the followers they deserve, and I like to think that whoever is following me, my works and my blog is somebody fucking cool… Today, I didn’t know which fish to catch, I was dragging myself between duomo square/the … Continua


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When we speak about public administration, let’s say it, it is rare to waste compliments, especially if the political part we speak about is not in line with our ideas. The factiousness is wasted: if they are on our side … Continua


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So I start here, as promised in the previous post, a small posting marathon: for the whole week then I will try (to celebrate the new blog!) to do some posting (isn’t it maybe the perfect verb?!?) at least once … Continua


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Little by little we get closer, by an uphill road, towards the new website. From today we have the new blog, here in front of you. It is a strange sensation, like moving in a bigger and nicer house but … Continua


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As I am subscribed to the journalist guild (in a way, let’s say, totally unjustified) a little magazine called tabloid is delivered free of charge to my house, which is the editorial instrument of the journalist guild of the Lombardy … Continua