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We are all aware that the year really starts in september, but it is also true that a little number adds itself to the calendar and in a few days the years zeros (?!?) will be left behind to enter … Continua


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one of the few presents that are worth giving, for us that have everything: culture. So here is a great japanese artist photographer who lives in new york,¬†shinichi maruiama, and works with an element that I always like: water. Here … Continua


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I have been in london shooting for a few days. Now I am at the hotel, in my little suite, all alone. Thanks to this little break from the milanese whirlwind I am able to write in peace and quiet, … Continua


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Today panorama first, the issue for men from mondadori, will be on the shelves with panoroma magazine. Inside I did an editorial which I enjoyed extremely: I took a portrait of seven characters that, even thought they might not have … Continua


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So, here I am, a few days after participating to fotografica 2009, the weekend dedicated to photography at spazio forma. I posted previously, who was there knows it, during the show; I think it is the right time to tell … Continua