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beethoven, beethoven, beethoven!!!! Beethoven is another level. Everyone, obviously, knows the ninth symphony, which is mad to think that he completed it when he was already deaf (the music, like all the rest, is in your head, not in the … Continua


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On the latest issue of vogue bambini, there is my miss blumarine campaign, which I shot a few months ago during a beautiful sunny day in cape town. As well as the double spread for the campaign I have also … Continua


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It is probably a little overboard to come out in the same month on two photographic magazines: the thing is that I did the one interview not too long ago, and the other a little time ago and I would … Continua


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I have signed the contract with MAX magazine for another year for my column MAX CASTING. To celebrate this I have dedicated the BEST of my website to more than forty women I have shot for this column in the … Continua


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 As a respectable magazine would say, “we receive and publish with pleasure”: “Hello Settimio… My name is Simone and I have written to you already a couple of months ago, with my great surprise after just a few days I … Continua


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seeing that in the previous posts we spoke about workshops I’ll end the subject with THE workshop: also this summer, like last year, I will be in tuscany for a week, for my workshop with TPW. I fear I have … Continua


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the weekend organized by TPW here in milan (which was supposed to happen halfway through December) has been moved until the end of January and it is dedicated to whoever wants to expand the more concrete aspects of the photographic … Continua


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for many reasons people often ask for my biography. Up to now I’ve always got upset and written shabby lines, in a quick and superficial manner. Now that the new website is up I have to get serious and write … Continua


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I pinch myself and make sure that I am awake and not dreaming: I am awake! If it wasn’t such a tragedy we would be pissing ourselves with laughter. So: let’s leave out right wing and left wing, of which … Continua