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tutte le immagini cliccabili ed ingrandibili[/it] giuseppe sanmartino, sansevero chapel, naples maurizio cattelan, all, venice settimio benedusi, studio sabotino, milan You can enlarge all images by clicking on them.


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catrinel is a model with whom I’ve worked with various times and with whom I’ve also done important jobs. A few days ago she asked me to take a few portraits of herself for her new carrier, as an actress: … Continua


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A well known aphorism of the king of aphorisms, the great ennio flaiano, says that the career of an artist is divided into three parts: “young promise, usual dickhead, venerable teacher” In the photograph below there are the photographers toni thorimbert, … Continua


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The problem about tragedies is that, as big or as small as they are, they provoke the same habit: at the beginning they astonish us, they affect us and then, inexorably, disappear from the media and we forget about them… … Continua


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In a recent issue of max filled with the morgan event, there is a double spread page by me, shot exactly a year ago in the aosta valley, in jonny’s paradise, a place populated by gnomes, fairies and strange beings … Continua


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One can find himself calm listening to the songs that he loves, the albums that caress one’s soul, satisfying melodies… and thinks that the best is what he knows well already… but suddenly a new album comes out of nowhere… … Continua


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The magazine SETTE comes inserted in today’s corriere della sera, with sixty eight photographers which, on the same day (the 14th of January), photographed a slice of italy: I photographed a young italian (alessia campostrini) photographing a young italian model … Continua