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  • 22 Marzo 2010


    I take inspiration from the lyrics of mogol for battisti to write a bit about a little word that is used and abused from anyone that is creative: emotions.

    This little word, so we get to the point, gives the creeps. Right!

    Whoever uses it as if it was for free: “the emotions of a model”, “my own emotions”, “to communicate emotions”… and so on…

    Excuse me if (as if I’ve never) with presumption, arrogance and badly concealed didactic intent I will have my saying on the subject: nobody gives a damn of your (and my own!) emotions! Really nobody, not one!

    The history of art is not, and has never been, the history of single emotions of single individuals.

    Art history proceeds and advances always based on what has been there before. The historic and cultural context is what makes sure that things happen.

    Therefore it is necessary not to begin from your own personal emotions (in which nobody gives a damn, but maybe I said that before..) but from the knowledge of what we (we, not me) are in this precise cultural and historic moment: to then, eventually, give our personal contribution in order to create  advancement and progress.

    It runs along by itself then that to do something valid you need to know. Without knowing it is impossible to say something interesting. Knowing what was there before us is a fundamental step in hoping to create something new.

    You cannot write novels if you haven’t read all the novels in the world. You cannot write poetry before you haven’t read all the poetry int he world. You cannot make music if you don’t know all the music in the world. And so on…

    All this for a simple reason! Because the people and the intimate emotions do not count (which, I don’t know if I said this before, nobody really cares about…), but you can only count on doing it all over (and eventually improve) from where the previous ones left off.

    If you want to do a landscape you cannot take in consideration how landscape have been painted and photographed in the past two thousand years.

    If one wants to write poetry it is impossible to do without knowing and loving sandro penna.

    If one wants to write music it is impossible to do without knowing bach. And so on to infinity…

    Because no one is born like a mushroom in the desert. Everything is born and feeds from everything that is been before. Everything is made in action or reaction to something else. English punk music of the seventies was a breakaway from what was there before, which at its time was a breakaway from what was previously there before. Do you know what the english punks had written on their t-shirts? “i hate pink floyd”.

    What seems genious to us becomes nullity in respect to what the others have done before. He who invented the wheel was a genious, if I said now that I had a genious idea in inventing the wheel I would demonstrate only being an ignorant imbecile. Mantegna who at the end of the 1400 painted  the well known dead christ brought perspective to the arts, and created a great revolution: but if an artist did the same now he would be seen as an imbecile and ignorant.

    We all are what others have been before us.

    Isaac newton used to say: “if I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulder of giants”.

    When someone bases himself only on the famous emotions to create (which I don’t know if I said this before, but know that nobody cares about your emotions…) there is also another little problem: seeing that, as celine used to say, “Now the dumbest asshole can look at himself in the mirror and see Jupiter looking back”, it easily happens one thinks that their own useless and miserable emotions are good enough to communicate something. And it happens, which is the worst thing, that we forget to talk about the truth and deep I. Of who we are, of what we like. Of where we come from… in short of our story.

    Because this is what is really worth: to tell.

    Use your brain to tell stories, to tell who you are, to tell where you come from… and you know what? By doing so you’ll be running the pleasurable and unexpected of telling something… exciting!


    16 Marzo 2010


    Ancora qui a domandarsi e a far finta di niente

    come se il tempo per noi non costasse l’ uguale,

    come se il tempo passato ed il tempo presente

    non avessero stessa amarezza di sale.

    Tu non sai le domande, ma non risponderei

    per non strascinare parole in linguaggio d’ azzardo;

    eri bella, lo so, e che bella che sei,

    dicon tanto un silenzio e uno sguardo…

    Se ci sono non so cosa sono e se vuoi

    quel che sono o sarei, quel che sarò domani,

    non parlare non dire più niente, se puoi,

    lascia farlo ai tuoi occhi, alle mani…

    Non andare… vai… Non restare…stai… Non parlare… parlami di te…

    Tu lo sai, io lo so, quanto vanno disperse,

    trascinate dai giorni come piena di fiume

    tante cose sembrate e credute diverse,

    come un prato coperto a bitume.

    Rimanere così, annaspare nel niente,

    custodire i ricordi, carezzare le età;

    è uno stallo o un rifiuto crudele e incosciente

    del diritto alla felicità…

    Se ci sei, cosa sei? Cosa pensi e perchè?

    Non lo so, non lo sai; siamo qui o lontani?

    Esser tutto, un momento, ma dentro di te,

    aver tutto, ma non il domani…

    Non andare… vai.. Non restare…stai… Non parlare… parlami di te…

    E siamo qui spogli in questa stagione che unisce

    tutto ciò che sta fermo, tutto ciò che si muove,

    non so dire se nasce un periodo o finisce,

    se dal cielo ora piove o non piove…

    Pronto a dire “buongiorno”, a rispondere “bene”,

    a sorridere a “salve”, dire anch’io “come va?”

    Non c’è vento stasera. Siamo o non siamo assieme?

    Fuori c’è ancora una città?

    Se c’è ancora balliamoci dentro stasera,

    con gli amici cantiamo una nuova canzone…

    tanti anni e son qui ad aspettar primavera,

    tanti anni ed ancora in pallone…

    Non andare… vai… Non restare…stai… Non parlare… parlami di te…

    Non andare… vai… Non restare…stai… Non parlare… parlami di noi…


    Two new images of mine, to illustrate the beautiful poetry of francesco guccini.


    10 Marzo 2010



    8 Marzo 2010


    Currently in the magazines you can find my advertising campaign for the brand “enzo fusco”, shot a couple of months ago in liguria with eva riccobono.

    I don’t know if the latin proverb “asinus asinum fricat” is right to mention, but I have to say that I have the luck of finding wonderful people with whom I work: eva is definitely one of them. Refined beauty, extraordinary delightful, extreme ductility… in short eva’s qualities don’t go to waste. It is truly a pleasure to work with her!

    I shot, as always, in a very simple way. The basic concept that I had in mind was to ambient eva in a place/non place of summer, made up only of shadows and lights… in a sort of a dream state…


    4 Marzo 2010


    On the latest max issue there is my usual double spread page for max casting with the 25 years old amanda which celebrates the 25 years of the magazine.

    And by the way talking about MAX birthday party, here I am in the extraordinary company of: alberto cancemi, editor of the magazine, and the wonderful ornella vanoni. Exchanging a few words with her I couldn’t hold myself but to tell her that, in my opinion, this has always been one of the best italian albums.

    Huge cherry on the cake of the photograph below here, the author: the indomitable toni thorimbert, that did it with his very own technique of the finger on the flash. I am not sure how it works, I fear that you’ll have to ask him…