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  • 30 aprile 2010


    I am still shooting on the other side of the world, amongst white beaches, palm trees and turquoise water. Everything Is beautiful, not only nature but also and above all the experience that my “clients” make me experience. Above all I cannot help but being happy and satisfied, in actual fact I am. But…

    Perhaps as matteo was rightly saying, when commenting on my previous post, photography has an absolute certainty, that it is always sincere: amongst everything that surrounds us when we photograph we always choose a small part, and we make this small part paradigmatic to all that surrounds us. It is stronger than us. It’s not us, but it is deeply us. I wouldn’t talk about subconscious, I think it is exaggerated, but it is simply about instinct.

    therefore don’t know exactly what it is, I probably blame all this on the book that I’ve read during these last days, the devastating “free fall” by the great nicolai lilin (almost as good as his first novel, the extraordinary “siberian education”), the fact is that amongst all the marvelous things I’ve seen and especially photographed the small portion of reality that has impressed me the most has been this skeleton of a lizard.

    Photographed and retouched with my iphone as usual.


    26 aprile 2010


    I’m in the hotel lobby, the only place where there is wireless internet.

    The fans above my head spin really fast. Trying to mitigate the warm humidity that surrounds me.

    I am here: far from everything, far from where.

    As john cage used to say: “I have nothing to say, and I am saying it”.

    The only witness, this photo here below, taken with my iphone, and (for who is interested in these sort of things) I retouched it with photo fx, perfeclyclr e photogene:


    22 aprile 2010


    jean luc godard

    nouvelle vogue



    22 aprile 2010


    Amongst a thousand other things my max casting continues: I myself am not too sure how I do it but every week I manage to create a new shoot. Honestly speaking I didn’t really want to talk about it here anymore, for a thousand and one reasons.

    But I love the shoot that was posted this morning, thus I speak about it willingly: as I said already, probably too many times, max casting was conceived in my head with many “guides”  which I imposed on myself. I don’t know what I really want out of this job, but I know very well what I DO NOT  want: take the classic photos of girls posing against a wall, oiled up wearing a thong showing off their fine ass and sweet tits. Already said a thousand times, but I say it again: I try above all to create something REAL.

    Another thing that stays constant in mind is to CANCEL MYSELF. During the shoots I am there (because I am the “detonator”) but I also don’t want to be there, so that the girls can have maximum autonomy and freedom of possibilities, so that, above all, everything that the girls do comes from them and from their determination.

    Ok, so here we go to soraya’s photographs, that came out this week on max magazine’s website. What I have done is surely not something new and original, but it has it’s own precise meaning inside the project: we went in a photobooth in an underground station here in Milan, I gave her a handful of euros, I closed the curtain and.. The beautiful and clever soraya did everything by herself! I was just outside making sure that she was fine while doing it! Nothing more!

    There is also a video.

    Raw? Mega pixel? Aperture/lightroom? Canon/nikon? Digital back? Film? Photoshop 3/4/5? Photobooth!


    19 aprile 2010



    14 aprile 2010



    10 aprile 2010


    The “credits” for the portrait I took of fabio and that was published on the recent issue of vanity fair out now is far too generous, but in its own way it has its sense: “photo settimio benedusi” is written at the beginning of the nice article, and it looks like I take pictures of him since he was a little boy in his mother erminia’s arms and he was a few months old. It is probably true, I existed already and I was photographing, even though I was unaware…

    This portrait and the cover of interni always with photographs done by me (but here we balance vaity fair, without crediting: grrrr…) they persuade me to do a “best of” with all the portraits and jobs done with and for fabio in all these years that we have known each other.

    All images can be clicked to enlarge.


    This was the first photograph I took of fabio, when we met. The length of the hair and the fact that I took the photograph with an optical bench and a 10×12 polaroid can show that a few years have gone by… I took this one in the bohemian/new yorker loft where he used to live. There were no walls, and everything was shared:

    Always from those times this photograph taken outside the famous loft. It goes without saying that I had in mind the renowned image of james dean. besides fabio:

    Two portraits with his friend stefano fontana, in the bisazza showroom:

    One of the first experiments both on nudity as well as doubles, clearly inspired by alighiero boetti:

    In a period between the mystical and the desperate fabio became an armchair which he called S.O.S. which is the acronym of the notorious cry for help (save our souls) as well as sofa of solitude. These where hard times for him:

    The attempt to photograph his pretty little face together with the skull ring with which he is never without:

    Years ago he even engaged with theatre, interpreting none other than “waiting for godot”. Here with his friend saturnino:

    Still with his long hair for the cover of interni:

    At the time of creating the chair “him&her”:

    The first big retrospectiveat the rotonda della besana, sitting on a HER:

    The advertising campaign for the same chairs, produced by casamania:

    Not only I photograph him, but I support him to take photographs matrix style:

    I took the opportunity during the last salone to shoot the cover for urban, in which he became director for one issue. The illustration is by emiliano ponzi:

    During the same period with his friend beppe finessi for the cover of juliet (I always tell him: you always fool yourself by thinking you are federico fellini, then surely beppe is your ennio flaniano):

    His second big show, last year at the triennale. The massive rose in construction, with the author of all the music for the installation, giuliano sangiorgi:

    This winter photographed at the cimitero monumentale of milan for the magazine panorama first:

    The vanity fair page out now, with my portrait and all the rest that were done (by me!) when he was a few months old:

    The cover, and the relative pages of the magazine interni, out now:

    The original version of the shoot done for NEMO, the new piece made for driade:

    So here, this is the side where the “best of” the “professional” course done so far with fabio.

    Then there is the friendship, then there is the affection. Then there is the being brothers…

    In these years we have done many things together: we have laughed (a lot), we have done fuck all, we went to the cinema (once we went to see three movies in one day!), we have fantasized, we have dreamt, we have done a million projects, we have gotten drunk… in short we have lived.

    I think I know him very well:

    Fabio is curious; fabio is sympathetic; fabio is a ball breaker full of himself; fabio is extremely generous; fabio is kind; fabio has many friends; fabio has a candle that shines on him and heats him up even when it burns; fabio walks serene between green grass and blue skies; fabio does very little (in all the jobs that we have done together I have always had complete creative autonomy), but he is capable of incredible magic, he is able to make his presence the detonator for things to happen; fabio could be the classic architect with much smoke and no fire, but his smoke makes the fire more raging; fabio is always focused; fabio had a loving mother that made me eat eggplant at his house; fabio is completely uninterested in money; fabio is honest; fabio is egocentric; fabio is elegant; even when he dresses up like a drug dealer; fabio hates garlic and onion; fabio appreciates good food…….

    This and much more is fabio novembre.

    For me, today, simply a friend.

    Fabio, fuck you, I love you!

    Here, me and him photographed by toni thorimbert:


    6 aprile 2010


    “But I’m tired

    tired of all the nonsense

    tired of the way you have to give carte blanche

    tired of these stairs with some who go down and some who come up,

    There isn’t one thing I could say without sounding banal,

    There isn’t a gesture I am allowed to do,

    now that your love is dead.

    But I would like to remember your name,

    could help me remember my name,

    and I can hardly talk…

    and I can not chase you…

    Having to explain, explain, explain

    Trying to be convincing

    Having to recite, hay

    By slaloming between

    What has been already mentioned, the unspeakable and silly

    Ugh, I’m so tired

    How tired I am of all the nonsense… “


    2 aprile 2010


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