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After all the disarray for MC at FORMA I am really in need to cleanse my conscience: my photograph here below will go under the hammer today at 18:00 by the Sotheby’s auction house in Via Broggi 19, Milan. For … Continua


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Martina Colombari is in-visible Martina Colombari is not a photographer. It would be absurd that a serious establishment like spazio Forma (and within a prestigious event like Fotografica!) could host her photographic exhibition. You really want to know? Yes, it … Continua


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I’ll be waiting for you on the 24th of November, from 18:30, at the spazio forma in Milan for the inauguration of fotografica 2010, the event sponsored by Canon. Martina Colombari’s portrait exhibition will be presented, of which I am … Continua


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The “frivolity” was OK by me. On Facebook its full of photos, comments and “like”. There was really a lot of people. We really enjoyed ourselves. But this is not unusual. We spoke, we told, I photographed blindfolded, some asked … Continua


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Here I am, I am on the other side of the world, in cape town, on a job. It is always a little weird to leave, to stay for a period of time far away from your own space, from … Continua