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  • 29 gennaio 2011


    I haven’t read my horoscope recently but if I did I am pretty sure it would have read the words jury/prize/photographic/competition (bullshit, I always read my horoscope on the internazionale, but it didn’t say any of that…): after the benedusi competition #02, with its winners and after the canon competition, it was the fashion talents turn.

    Amongst the many pitches we received, we of the jury concentrated on two works, both very beautiful. At the end, on the blade’s edge, the project “we are our fears” made by: the photographers Alessia Campostrini and Biagio Fontana, make up by Mary Cesardi, the model Leigh Martin and the stylist Linda Calugi.

    They won a chance to shoot an editorial for

    Here are some images from their beautiful editorial:

    A little mention for the “second” placed, with their work “superstars” (photographer Alice Pavesi, stylist Federica Caggiati, hair by Martina Bernini, make up Beatrice Savi, model Elisa Spina).

    Three images from their nice project:

    Ok, for now its over, but not for long, giving that another jury is waiting for me in the next few weeks, this time overseas…

    Rightly my people in my studio made this:

    By clicking on the photo above…


    22 gennaio 2011


    Photographing wedding dresses is not an easy task. Being dresses (beyond the idea of what they have being created for) of haute couture, they should be photographed as such: and so it happens 99% of the times, with triumphant super locations, well refined models with long necks, luxurious cars and all those things. All which I don’t like very much, trying to take photographs (as much as I am allowed to..) as realistic as possible rather than aspirational (you lot that want to be photographers, learn this word, it is very used and really liked in the industry..).

    White magazine is the most beautiful magazine, I would even say of the world, of wedding gown fashion: great research, excellent graphics and wonderful print.

    I have done two editorials for them, which came out in their last two editions.

    In the first one I had a very precise concept in mind: I wanted to photograph the model in a very simple and every day life attitude and context. As if she was dressed in jeans and t-shirt. Actually lets say that she was dressed in jeans and t-shirt, so therefore obviously she felt, and the people saw her, absolutely and totally normal. But I had in hand a very powerful tool, capable to see well beyond the reality: to even see her dreams!

    The photographic camera therefore sees what nobody around her manages to see.

    These are the two images, one taken in a tram and the other in the underground:

    Not to let you miss anything here is a backstage video, where you can notice the incredible use of panels, lights, flash and so on:

    The other editorial was born out of the desire to do portraits of girls with normal clothing as well as wedding dresses, to try and find that thin line that divides the mundane from the exception, to go and find that, maybe, this line is by all means undefined and undefinable: where does fantasy end and where does reality begin?

    These are the images:

    Shot in natural light, I have a little backstage photo:

    All images are click to enlarge


    21 gennaio 2011


    fabio by saturnino

    fabio and saturnino by settimio

    settimio, fabio and saturnino by lisa

    everyone by fabio


    20 gennaio 2011





    15 gennaio 2011


    A few months ago I announced the benedusi competition #02.

    This year the bar was seriously raised, therefore there isn’t only one winner, but three. I am not here to motivate my choices, which are obviously very personal. They have really captured me, they told more than others. That’s all…

    So here are the three winners!

    –  on the podium david elden. I have no info about him, not even a website, nothing. Only three images:

    – second, simone fratti. This is his website and this is his flickr

    He sent me only one image:

    third, riccardo stocco, of whom I have no references, with these three images:

    The three winners will be able to come spend a day in my studio, to watch, ask, show… in short they can come and do what they please…


    And I also want to thank all of you that have sent me their work: I’ll see you at benedusi competition #03!


    13 gennaio 2011


    With the word “self portraits” I fear one immediately goes immediately to the notorious episode of the exhibition by MC for the FORMA space. Lets leave it alone for a moment.

    Out now, on the MAX website, an editorial done by “me” which continues that subject, and above all, which is what I care about most, renders that vituperative episode not an isolated case just to create a scandal, but a check point on a precise path I’ve drawn.

    I have told you already, maybe one too many times, that for my editorials made for MAX CASTING I like that there is as much participation as possible by the model, in order to make it possible for her to have full “control” and awareness of what she is doing.

    Convinced that the way to be in front of the camera can, if not taught, at least be transmitted I thought that it would be interesting take a further step: let her do everything, not be there! Participate, for what I am supposed to, in a very deep and intense way with the “formula”, and “recipe”, but leaving the model completely free and independent.

    Maybe by now someone is asking what is the “formula” and the “recipe”.. I fear thought it is impossible to explain it here, on two feet: if I was able I wouldn’t have had a problem to do it. I fear one has to work with me or participate to one of my workshops..

    I therefore asked to a model, Magena, to photograph herself, even without me being there, only using my formula.

    Anyways, you want my little magic formula, you want the good skills of the model, the fact is that I find the images produced fantastic: intimate, sensual, real.

    And made with incredible cameras?!?! Raw, canon, nikon, film/digital?!?!? Mac web-cam, like the video! And without any retouching!

    So here are the photographs of the great non/photographer Erica Magena:

    And then?

    Well then what I am stubbornly trying to say and get to understand is that, in our current era of digitals and photoshop, it is not important to simply take a nice photograph (too simple), it is much more important to have the will, the pleasure, the necessity, the obsession.. To tell in a sincere and intimate way about ourselves and what we photograph. That’s it.

    Seeing that, at least in my head and in my planning, it is strictly connected to the MC episode at spazio FORMA, I would like to try and write here the word THE END on that exhibition, thanks to an editorial of the great Maurizio Rebuzzini:


    10 gennaio 2011


    A preview of the shooting done in December in Portugal for bus jeans.

    It is always a pleasure to do this job: good and creative art directors (I will definitely write a post about this extremely important position..) which, as the really good art directors should always do, they obtain exactly what they want and at the same time leaving great space for creativity, the client was involved and open to suggestions, nice casting, great hair and make up.. In short all the ingredients for a job well done.

    I try and put a little of myself: it might be that the “format” foresaw male models and female models together, it might be that when you put together a male and a female it is inevitable that things shape in a certain way, it might be that I like the subject, it might be what it might be.. either way it always ends up in the stories that I like telling for this client are stories of a love that was fought for, lived, rejected.. With great energy and passion.

    I shoot on a rooftop in Oporto, engulfed by fog made by three smoke machines. I enjoyed creating a scene/non scene, a location more for the imagination rather than the reality.

    Here below a preview of a few shots and a backstage video.

    PS: I have chosen the winners (three!) for the Benedusi Competition #02, soon the answers..


    3 gennaio 2011


    I don’t remember if I have spoken about this already in the past, either way you should know that on my email browser on my MAC I have created, by now years ago, a folder named WEIRD.

    Amongst the many reasons to become older (and not care for anything or anyone…) definitely one of the first is to make public the 588 emails (up to today) in which there are: messages received by known and unknown people, with the most bizarre, absurd or particular requests and questions.

    If you are not patient (as I am!) to wait my ninetieth birthday here are three marvelous previews, copied and pasted.

    The first, received a few weeks ago:


    I am a dreamer of many passions. Among them are fashion and volcanoes. Beautiful models wearing elegant, creative and fashionable clothes are a joy to watch. A visual feast to behold. Erupting volcanoes are similarly magnificient in its devastating glory. Even quiet ones are majestic and mysterious.I have a crazy idea of modelling photo session. It should be done at the summit of the volcano. Among the flows of basaltic lavas. Near active fumaroles and tourquoise lakes. On the crater rim.

    Please make such photoshot session. Make my dream come true.

    My suggestions of places in Italy: Etna, Stromboli, Vesuvius, Vulcano, Panarea, Monte Cristo

    Fashionable Volcanologist 🙂

    The second, one of the very first ever received:

    “beautiful website

    and beautiful foots

    Perhaps to work with you and to see how you owrk

    I am a phootgrapher from Aquila which si dying ni his city also ebcuaes withxout a job 33 years I have

    Now I would like to rceate a phootgraphic exhibitino of nude in black and hwite but the modele few

    Who knows if you could help me…..

    Ciao alesandro”

    And the third and last for now, a true pearl:

    “Ciao Settimio first of all I would like to congratulate you for your work and your production.

    Then I wanted to ask you a question. Is it true that in the advertising campaigns for women’s underwear often they use male bodies? Particularly I refer to the buttocks.

    Ciao and good work”

    There we go, so to start the new year with a smile… 😉