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The two words that I despise the most in a photographic context are workshop and glamour, and it is not by chance that often enough they are found together. Let’s (unquestionably) leave glamour behind us and concentrate on workshop: I … Continua


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Forma Photography Foundation backs up the campaign ART FOR HEART promoted by ANMCO (National Association of Cardiology Hospital Doctors) and the Foundation “For Your Heart” Onlus. Forma and the Contrasto agency have collected photographs donated completely for free from young … Continua


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Yesterday I, finally, went to visit the 20th century museum, recently opened in Piazza del Duomo in Milan: I think that what I saw could be a valid synthesis of the problems in Italy (in which today it celebrates 150 … Continua


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As in the George Michael music video starring the top models of the nineties it has been a few months now that I have been screaming my freedom out loud! Freedom from what? From having a vehicle! After having, like … Continua


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Models in suspenders laying down languid on a bed. The wrinkled fisherman adjusting the nets The model shot from below with a wide angle lens and her hand stretched towards the camera The venetian mask (now the perfect moment!) A … Continua


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Been around Italy for a few days now: from the courteous Turin to the elegant Florence up to the opulent Rome. Every night in a new hotel. Sleeping during the day and working by night. Yes, that’s me: I test … Continua


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From the series all’s bene that ends dusi: I have delivered the laptop that Alessandro donated to Domenico! 🙂 (Thank you to the both of you: now when someone asks me why I have a blog I will know what … Continua