26 ottobre 2011


A little bit like the new iPhone 4Gs, the same on the outside but with lots of new things inside (the usual presumption!): my website is online with substantial updates and reworks. For example the little magic word PHOTOGRAPHER has disappeared from the homepage. What an insult! PHOTOGRAPHER be you!!

PS. Service note. Dear CDL, SB’s photo has disappeared. I eagerly await AP’s portrait done by GP. Thank you!


21 ottobre 2011


Saturnino (sensational musician as well as very sought after best man at weddings) has just launched his own brand of eyewear.

To present the project we give the word directly to him:

I have been wearing glasses and sunglasses for over 20 years* from the best designers in the industry. This to have what the master Franco Battiato used to sing “more charisma and symptomatic mystery”. The biggest satisfaction is the usual question that I get asked: “I like your glasses.. Who made them?”. If it hasn’t happened to you and you would like to live the thrill of wearing a pair of glasses as such: www.otticaburatti.com

*I can see very well

When he called me to ask for my help in creating an iconic image for the launch of this new adventure we immediately thought it was a good idea to continue the trend yves saint laurent started in the seventies..

And so we made this:


11 ottobre 2011


It is already hit the shelves a few weeks ago, but I realised only now that I’ve never posted it: for SETTE, the weekly of the corriere della sera, I travelled around Italy to take the portrait of the six chefs with three michelin stars, the highest score you can get on the famous guide.

it was wonderful and sometimes even more heart-warming to see the excellence of excellence in the world at work, go and take a look backstage where the kitchen brigades move in perfect sync and amazing professionalism, and (last but not least!) in almost all places I got to taste incredible meals and wonderful wines.

If Italy is (is indeed!) the best place in the world to eat well, to have been in the six best restaurants in Italy it has been one crazy experience.

To resolve graphically this job I got my smith to build the three michelin stars,  in wrought iron. I didn’t do it only to “tie” the six images, but also to add a more fun and ironic atmosphere in the photograph in comparison to the usual portraits taken of famous chefs.

This is the cover:

This is the opening of the article:




Seeing we are at it I am also going to try and make a list of preference of the four restaurants where I ate, besides the fact that they where all truly exceptional.

I would have to say that my favourite was il pescatore, in the Mantova province. Just the fact that the three people that are holding up the stars are grandmother, mother and nephew it says it all on the incredible union between tradition and innovation, experimentation and security, past and future. I have seen potatoes been fried one by one. I ate and drank feeling emotions that came from my DNA (the Benedusi are originally from Mantova!) the strongest Italian essence with an international built:  the look of a trattoria of yesteryear, but with an helipad.

Very moving.

Also “familiar” was al sorriso, in the province of Novara. Mushrooms stuffed with delicious mushrooms. Amazing risotto (I love risotto, I prefer it over pasta). Small kitchen brigade. Here as well, as at il pescatore, the chef is a woman, which makes it morenormal, more familiar. And therefore more appetising.

le calandre, in Padua. Huge culture and great wisdom in the hands of Alajmo, the chef. Searching like crazy for raw materials, spices, products. Incredible imagination, which brings new life to traditional dishes and its territory. All wonderful. Restaurant as beautiful inside as ugly outside, it is located infact on a big road from an overdose of psychiatric drugs. What a pity. But worth the visit, despite the big road..

By vittorio in Bergamo. Great restaurant (in all senses), with a traditional and unusual specialty for fish dishes. I ate a mixed fish fry that I have never tasted in Liguria. For my taste a bit too big restaurant, a little bit like the weekly meeting of the Rotary. But absolutely fantastic. If you feel like excellent fish in the great northern Italy and far away from the sea, come here.

I didn’t eat instead in the other two restaurants, the enoteca pinchiorri in Florence and the pergola in Rome.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

La Pergola

PS: yes, they did pay me to do this job…


2 ottobre 2011


In the just completed month of September I had the record of visitors to my website.

To be exact 17.466 visitors came through, also seems were very careful, because each one, on average, spent five minutes and nine seconds on the site: I don’t know if all this is little or a lot, but that’s it.

Thank you. Thank you for following what I do and what I write.

I thank you with this: