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After more than two years of MAX CASTING and 122 (!) models photographed and interviewed the time has come also for me to answer to the questionnaire which was submitted to them: The main feature of my character: I am … Continua


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Without having to mention the erudite exegesis of the of the gesture made by Alessandro Baricco I would like to voice my opinion on the overall effect that is neglected and marginal: the gesture, with which one photographs. In my … Continua

TPW 2012

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I have already written extensively in the past of what I think about the workshop argument. For 2012 my proposal for TPW takes a split. Two different paths with very different purposes and intents but both born with the same … Continua


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Often enough I receive emails by people asking me things like what to do to become a photographer and how to do it like I do. Every time I scribble a few things banal things (take nice photographs!) and I … Continua


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Currently on the shelves is the cover of GIOIA that I shot with Tiziano Ferro. Who puts themselves in front of the camera of a photographer, wether a person – personality – model, is divided into two clear categories: –  … Continua


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And the winner of the fashion talents competition organised by the  tireless Nina Koklar has been decided! The incorruptible jury (composed by Fabrizio Palmeri, Mosè Franchi, Nina Koklar, Michele Magnani, Maurizio Massari, Francesca Giochetti, Federico Rocca, Silvio Betterelli and myself, … Continua