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  • 26 marzo 2012


    Recently released magazine CLUB MILANO, with cover and article dedicated to the architect Fabio Novembre.

    Aside from the cover, which had to be strongly “institutional”, we had fun in taking pictures for the article using the head of an ape, as he read with great interest (who knows how much he was understanding…) the master of achitects and photographers, the great Carlo Mollino.

    Here are a few shots that were not used in the magazine:

    Some images backstage by Pasquale Ettorre:

    PS: its not really relevant, but talking about monkeys I reccomend the book I am reading, the very interesting “the third chimpanzee” of the great Diamond Jared. 


    21 marzo 2012


    I would have never expected this! To end up in the admission test for DAMS…


    17 marzo 2012


    The legendary Tiziano Sclavi the voice of the great comic Dylan Dog gives his opinion of the difference between a professional and an amateur.

    An opinion which I obviously share!

    I always say that I have absolutely no passion for photography…


    16 marzo 2012


    Looking for other things on my hard disks I stumbled upon this image.

    I did not look for her, but she looked at me and said “come on put me on your blog! I can’t stay here for years in the dark and cold!”

    I admit, it moved me.

    I took this a few years ago at the cold sea of South Africa. It is in high resolution and you can click to enlarge.

    Have a good weekend!


    14 marzo 2012


    I just came back from New York, and I would like to make use of this blog for what it was meant to be at the beginning, so, like the daily diary in primary school, to remind myself in the future some things that I would be sorry if I forgot.

    So, you that are reading this blog, I suggest you not to go ahead.

    I said that it won’t be of any interest to you!

    Oh well…

    I flew Alitalia. Milan-Fiumicino. Fiumicino-Jfk. During the trip the map shows an aeroplane with enormous wings leaping over the ocean:

    In New York I take a taxi to go towards Manhattan. The taxi driver is a dick head that keeps on hooting all the time, fights with everyone and doesn’t know how to drive at all: on the other hand he listens to some kind of Radio Maria, where they alternate religious chants and psalm readings.

    I arrive at the hotel, where I begin taking pictures from my window. A thing that I will do everyday, at different times. Although I am on the tenth floor it still feels like I am in the basement:

    The first night they took me to a place that I feel I absolutely have to recommend, a korean whose speciality is fried chicken. There are no signs on the street, you have to know the place. You go up some dilapidated stairs, but you arrive in quite a decent place with fashionable koreans (!) where I ate the best fried chicken of my life. This is the place:

    The same night I took a photograph of the full moon amongst the skyscrapers:

    The day after I go to the Industria Superstudio, the place where the job will take place. I meet up with Fabrizio Ferri, the owner, and I have a chat, and I sincerely think he is faking that he has met me before…

    Done with the job I begin to wonder about the city.

    Bookshop in Soho where there was an original signed copy of the time of THE AMERICANS by Robert Frank, on sale for $500. I didn’t buy it.

    But I bought this:

    I keep on wondering about the city:

    Unfortunately I didn’t manage to cut my hair at the beautiful FSC barber

    That night the client kindly invited me to dinner at an impeccable japanese, BOND. (thank you!). Nearby I took this:

    The day after there is a little bit more work and then the weegee show at the ICP. Amazing and he is great!

    Around the ICP:

    That night I meet up with Saturnino and Riccardo Onori, whom are in town with Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini for some concerts. A beautiful casualty!

    They took me to TOMOE another japanese, not as chic as the one from the night before but as (if not more) perfect. You cannot book in this place so you have to cue. We where there for more than an hour! Which flew by, fucking around, playing music and taking pictures… these are my two photos to Satu and Riccardo:

    Did I say playing music, right? Yes! I was shooting with the iPhone, and they where playing music with the iPhone! Amazing!!!

    The day after the job was finished, and I have time to go to the MOMA. Too much stuff. I fear I am hit by the Stendhal syndrome. Picasso, Warhol, Pollock, Fontana, Weston (the photographer), the sunflowers by Van Gogh… and so on to infinity… seriously too much.

    Two things particularly excite me, because besides the piece in itself they connect me to the Master, to Ugo Mulas. I venture to photograph them and to have a picture taken thinking about him.



    I darted out completely bewildered I throw myself in the subway towards Brooklyn where I have the honour to attend the sound check of Jovanotti and his amazing band will be holding that evening. I just want to say that outside the beautiful theatre there are people waiting for the event and who came specially from Italy!

    After too little time I have to leave, to the airport.

    On the plane I meet and have a few words with Nicolò Cardi, owner of the art gallery black box

    The day after I land in Malpensa and I get picked up immediately and taken to Venice. It is quite an emotive shock to move from the most beautiful city of the modern world to the most beautiful city of the ancient world.

    I would like to conclude with two sentences that could make this story that could make it an unwelcome experience. Of course it is not like that! It was great! I cannot help but think that:

    “We must be careful to choose desires, it may happen that they come true”

    And in the words of  my dear eponymous of ancient Rome

    “I have become everything I wanted. And I realise that it was not worth the trouble”

    PS: of course all the pictures where taken and retouched with the iPhone.


    8 marzo 2012

    8 MARCH

    Today, the 8th of March, I am honoured to be on the newspapers with a public service campaign created by the art director Maurizio Maresca for onlus telefono donna.

    Friends Giorgio Pasotti and Fabio Novembre have generously lent a hand, which we deeply thank for their availability.

    Here are the images:

    And some images from backstage taken by Pasquale Ettorre:

    PS: however, here I say it and deny it, but I must say that both models have both extremely loved and hated wearing shoes with twelve inch heels… 😉

    1 Comment »

    5 marzo 2012

    ANDO GILARDI 1921-2012

    Ando Gilardi, how much I’ve read your words, how much I’ve loved you.

    It is impossible to disregard your lesson for those wishing to know more about photography in Italy.

    Thank you.



    5 marzo 2012


    It is difficult, right now, that i’d choose to do a job in a studio, with lights and backdrops: I’ve done so much in the past, but now if I choose I prefer to opt for simpler and more natural routes.

    I am grateful though for the art director Paolo Santosuosso from YOU for having “forced” me on a job that in the end gave me a lot of satisfaction.

    This is the entire catalogue:

    When we finished the more institutional job I asked to let me have some fun by allowing me to venture a little more with the styling and models:

    And in the end a backstage photograph, shot by Pasquale Ettorre:


    1 marzo 2012


    Gabriele Rigon is a friend, and he asked me to punt his next workshop: I do it with pleasure, because I know his qualities and his work.

    Gabriele has a particular character: in life he is a helicopter pilot for the italian army, flying those giant helicopters with two rotors. One would imagine so, according to the most stereotypical preconceptions, a crude army man only interested in shouting orders. Instead he is a very sweet person who, as “amateur”, has found its way to portray the beauty of women, very delicate and elegant. I think it may be interesting to learn from him the way his way of photographing “simple”, where simplicity becomes definitely a virtue.

    Ciao massiccio!