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  • 30 aprile 2012




    (well, I am a sentimental dude…!)

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    29 aprile 2012



    STOP, says the sign here in cape town, where I am still.

    Stop because I have finished the job and for a day and a half I am doing what it is very difficult to do: nothing!

    I rest, watch a movie on the ipad and read. This week I read: WALTER ED IO by simone annichiarico (bio/memories of walter chiari written by his son, sweet, I’ve always loved him and now more than ever!), DOPO LA FOTOGRAFIA by quentin bajac (very interesting) and TRE ATTI E DUE TEMPI by giorgio faletti (ok, he might be commercial but I like the way he writes. But I liked more APPUNTI DI UN..). Now I have started reading IL TEMPO É UN BASTARDO by egan: they talk highly about it.

    I wanted, in the right time, say a few words on the topic that has been whirling in my mind for sometime and, by writing about it, I would like to talk more in depth about it: BEAUTY.

    It is odd, given what I do, but beauty (that of human adults…) it is not an asset for me.

    I am aware that the topic is better left in the hands of those who have written more in depth about the subject but I would like to have my say, intimate and personal opinion.

    Beauty (I reiterate, of human adults) in my opinion is not an asset because within itself it often has a lack of truth.

    It is a fiction.

    It is a sham.

    It often is the wanting to be something else.

    To be beautiful you often have to change: from something little (the colour of your hair, the nails…) to medium (makeup, hair extensions…) to big (transplants, botox…).

    Beauty, often enough, is not what one is (which in any case is always perfect and unique) but what you aspire to be ( which is always and inevitably imperfect and shared): I am not beautiful but is beautiful what the others decree to be as such.

    Not by chance the people that are used by fashion photographers (…!) are called models: they are aspirational models, they are references, mock-ups, paradigms … that give reference to proclaim themselves as beautiful.

    Do you want to be beautiful? You need to change! You must leave yourself to be another. It is necessary to deny yourself in order to be.

    I do not like all of this!

    It might be bizarre for what I do, but that’s it.

    In my opinion models are not a model for anything!

    Is it bizarre said by me? Perhaps, but for me the model is the medium that allows us to tell a story. It is a mean, not an end.

    (which I think this also increases the dignity of a model, taken away by a false iconic pedestal to be placed where she should be: in the real world).

    I certainly do not mean to say that the ugly is beautiful (weird oxymoron), but I maintain that beauty is only in the truth: but of truth here there’s nothing…


    27 aprile 2012

    CAPE TOWN #04

    Every man takes the limit of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.
    Arthur Schopenhauer


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    26 aprile 2012

    CAPE TOWN #03

    It has been said that the three veils of reality are number, word and image. I begin by counting the number of works that I want to create, then I name them, and in the end the images appear.

    Francesco Clemente


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    24 aprile 2012


    The nice thing about traveling the world is that you will find people different from what you are used to, that help us bring a new perspective to reality.

    Today I was shooting in a place, here in cape town (a very particular place) and all of a sudden a friend of the owner arrived, Ben.

    When I asked him his address so that I could send him the portrait, which he let me take, he gave me a piece of paper with a P.O. Box address: I haven’t seen one in decades.

    Ben is 71 years old, and he told me a bit about his life: amongst the other things he’s been and actor and a director, working even in Italy, in Pompeii.

    He told me many more stories, but his friend told me afterwards: “almost everything he has told you are lies, but they are good stories”

    Exactly, the good stories are the best ones!

    Anyways, this is Ben:


    23 aprile 2012



    She’s either a genius and is making an epic masterpiece or perhaps this portrait she is taking has its type of psychological implications that will be better, for all, to avoid getting into it.

    Anyways, we are in Cape Town to shoot a fashion catalogue and an advertising campaign, and today, Sunday, while families, kids, and sweethearts take a stroll on the seafront licking ice creams and/or shooting works of art destined to remain misunderstood, we, the labourers of photography, devote ourselves to location scouting and the thousand mundane tasks that, alas, affect us, before we can get – finally – to click as well. Including this post, today so terse to look like a postcard.

    Tokai, Cape Town . Photographed by Settimio Benedusi.

    (Ok, I copied from my classmate. so what?!?)


    21 aprile 2012




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    18 aprile 2012


    Milan’s spazio FORMA has recently launched a kind of annex in Venice, at a place they tell me it is wonderful, at the palazzo tre oci. Now there is an exhibition by Elliott Erwitt.

    What I’m going to do from the 19th to the 20th of may does not feel like a real workshop (maybe you know what I think about it, for me it should last for a week max…) but it will be useful for a meeting to share as little or as much as we know about photography applied to beauty. Moreover we will be in the  best city in the world!

    All the info here

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    17 aprile 2012


    … by the way, talking about monkeys and curiosity I would like you to read a few pages of a fantastic book written by the monstrous Jared Diamond, “the third chimpanzee”.

    By Diamond I remember, I think I have mentioned it before, the fundamental ““guns, germs and steel“: I will never thank AG for having suggested it to me at the time.

    The american scientist knows everything, and in his books he puts everything in amazing relations. For this reason its not only useful but often very funny.

    The two pages I’ve posted below seemed so extraordinarily funny, where they even get to speak about intoxicating enemas!!!


    13 aprile 2012


    Yes, I admit it i am curious.

    and I am even more bulimic.

    I am interested in everything. I tell everyone that if someone asked me to  go in Borneo to shoot the monkeys’ pink asses I wouldn’t hesitate: I would be afraid, by not going, not for missing out on the backsides of our primates (we are in the image and likeness of apes, not God: in fact it is quite a shock to acknowledge, there is a big difference! *useless digression*) I would miss out on the possibility of meeting in Hong Kong during the overlay the japanese world expert on new media who will explain to me how the world will look like in the next twenty years (it is a possibility, no?!? The wonderful and fundamental “a brief history of the future“ evidently was not enough for me! *other pointless digression*).

    The famous serendipity, which I do firmly believe in.

    It is true that by waving the flag of curiosity and serendipity you end up doing worse things, at least with no strategy whatsoever which in fact I never have: more often I do things without using compass and sextant.

    Even though the route is often directed towards directions useless to research like an amateur captain Achab of a white leviathan, sometimes I find myself tied to the main mast like Ulysses to the sound of the mermaids.

    The mermaids, on this trip, are the stories that Alex Gallo tells us, an artist I met on the waves of the internet and that through his website he ventures on the dangerous paths of nudity and iconoclasm though photography.

    He invited me in his castle and there I photographed what happens on his set.

    This is my reportage: