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  • 29 maggio 2012


    The monthly magazine RIDERS is really well done. It is the proof that what matters above are ideas: with budgets on a shoestring but thanks to the bright minds of the editorial staff they always manage to churn out a product that other newspapers, that are more grand and with more dough (evidently with less ideas), can dream about.

    I really recommend to everyone to purchase this magazine, even to those whom are not into motorbikes. For example the fashion shoots are always really good, with a incredibly deep sense of culture for image and costumes.

    It was therefore an honour to shoot an editorial out now in the current issue. With the crucial help of Stefania Molteni (in this case not only as a photo editor but also as a stylist, fashion editor, producer, organiser and a thousand other things – I think that if I disappeared she would have been ready to take photos..), Moreno, Matteo, I shot all the SBK pilots (almost all of them, all of them besides one…) in Imola. We made them jump on a trampoline: it was really a lot of fun, and all of them proved well what the editorial wanted to tell, which is that the pilots of this league are regular guys, just like that.. Down to earth… so much that they weren’t asked twice when asked to be (at least for once!) well in the air!

    The editorial had a significant help from the layout done by the editorial staff, some of the double spreads are really nice, with the pilots who seem to emulate the shots by Muybridge, the first photographer in history who tackled the problem of movement.

    Here are some pages from the magazine:

    We also have a backstage video made by Pasquale Ettorre:

    And a backstage photograph by Matteo Marchi, which I thank him for taking it and sending it to me.


    28 maggio 2012


    Lorenzo Tricoli is crazy.

    Lorenzo Tricoli is a photographer.

    Lorenzo Tricoli is an artist.

    Lorenzo is a friend and he is doing an exhibition in Milan in Piazzale Fidia that will open on the thirtieth of May at 18:30.

    I will be there: and you?

    1 Comment »

    25 maggio 2012


    Here I am! I would have liked to write you sooner but these few days have been, how can I say, a bit hectic…

    Last weekend I held a workshock (© Francesca Stella) in Venice, at the wonderful TRE OCI venue, with the honour and the burden of being the very first to open the workshop season. On the same location as well as all around us (as a good omen for our work) the beautiful exhibition by Elliott Erwitt.

    What can I say… unfortunately two days are just not enough.. Is a bit coitus interupptus… furthermore it was chaos because of the Americas Cup, which had upset the venetian life… and I was tired after a thousand trips.. despite all this it was, at least for me, a great weekend! The TRE OCI building is really wonderful, it is situated in a quiet and not extravagant corner of Venice, perfectly run and well organised. I was lucky enough to have “students” who abandoned themselves without complaining much about my madness (like taking pictures with the viewfinder covered or -worst!- not shoot at all: in two days we must have each taken photographs for 5 minutes only, anyhow we weren’t there for that!).

    In short it was very pleasant.

    Here are some backstage shots, kindly taken by Silvia Pasquetto. As you may notice we were all wearing painter overalls: besides the fact that I liked the idea of being all dressed the same it helped me to write with a marker everyone’s name on it…

    When the moment came to take only 36 pictures with the viewfinder covered I thought it was time to pay homage to the famous photo by Elliott Erwitt by making my own version:

    By the end of the two days I thought of not doing the classic group photo, but instead execute a little something I’ve had in mind for quite sometime, which gave me the opportunity to list all the participants: in order of appearance the first photographs the models, the second photographs the first who is photographing the models, the third photographs the second who is photographing the models.. And so on until the end where I photograph the last as well as the models in the front. And all of this at exactly the same time, because we all took our positions and the moment I whistled everyone took the picture!

    Thank you very much to all of you, thanks to Magena and Arianna (our models), thanks to Camilla (our guardian angel), thanks to Emanuela (the big boss) and thank you to all that took part in this! (amongst these a thank you to Valentina for the kind words!)

    See you at the next workshock


    17 maggio 2012


    You are still on time!

    This afternoon, in Rome, at 19:30 they will be auctioning one of my photographs. The proceeds will go to AIL.

    For this event I got the best framer in Milan to make a beautiful frame: buy it, if only, for this!

    The auction holds very interesting pieces, and my friend Maurizio Galimberti will be selling work created ad hoc.

    This is the invite:

    This is my image for sale, click to enlarge:


    12 maggio 2012


    The fourth estate, famous painting by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, was made to love by my art teacher in high school, and since it has been one of my favourite paintings: I used to go see it often when it was (ignored and abandoned) in Via Palestro in Milan and I was very pleased when it was given the merit it deserves, exposed at the beginning of the new twentieth century museum in Piazza del Duomo in Milan.

    A few days ago we went to do an editorial in a small village here in Santo Domingo, of sugar cane harvesters, I was surprised, a crazy emotion: I found myself in some sort of time and culture trip, within that painting. I could live this life that I had always only seen from outside. I understand more deeply and much better the motivations that where behind that work of art.

    All of a sudden a farmer with a large wound on his leg approached us. I asked him if there was a doctor or a nurse that could attend to him and he said no. I understood in that moment that the great medical facilities we have free of charge are not to be taken for granted, but an extraordinary privilege and a conquest.

    I further understood that the perfect functioning school in that small town is not simply to study and learn things more or less useful, but a fundamental conquest, that by providing culture it gives freedom, empowerment and awareness.

    I understood that the values of socialism which are the “theory” at the core of Pellizza’s painting, are inextricable values of our history: only our grandparents or perhaps our great grandparents lived in the society which was now in front of me.

    Then you question yourself, the evening going back to the village where we are staying, seeing the modern and contemporary equivalent of those farmers, this new proletariat which comes at a thousand euro holiday, and exudes not only Caribbean heat but above it all infinite ignorance, infinite conformism (the little tattoo!!!), infinite emptiness.

    It is inevitable to ask yourself if all this nothing is the price to pay for emancipation. If learning to read was to read about WHO. If free health care was to cure the eating disorders created by too many hamburgers.

    Obviously I don’t have all the answers. I mostly like asking myself questions and taking photographs.

    Having exhausted all the questions, after the job I decided to create my own personal tribute to the fourth estate, remaking it with photography. Among other things, the technique in which it was made is in some manner similar to photography, (divisionism) by making small dots with the paintbrush, similar to our pixels.

    I therefore asked some people to come over, I placed them and photographed them, in ten minutes. This is my fourth estate.