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  • 29 Giugno 2012


    Since always, globetrotting, I’ve been attracted by one detail: the simple mistake  made when manholes are put back into their place after the repairs are done.

    I am not obsessive-compulsive, what draws my attention is not the mistake in itself, but the visible testimony which tells of that split second distraction the person who placed the manhole (in that very moment!) was thinking of something else.

    If these images had to have a heading, I would call them: “the cat”, “the girlfriend”, “the taxes”… and so on… imagining that they have another story other than just being a banal mistake





















    25 Giugno 2012


    Shooting swimsuits on a tropical beach can easily have (seen and done) a boring result: the ingredients are always the same, beautiful girl, beach, sea and little more.

    It is only right, even to comparison with other shoots, to think twice before doing, how and why. With Elisabetta’s shoot there wasn’t a real concept, the concept was Elisabetta itself, her presence, shot in the most classic of sport illustrated formats, a sort of “best of” of this aesthetic. But I did run out of all my bullets on that shoot, I did all the great classics! There was nothing left!

    I thought about it through and through on how to resolve (resolve, not only create) the second shoot, the one that saw starring the belarusian Tatsiana Barbashova. To arrive at a solution I started with a conception that I would like to share with you, step by step.

    You know how to show silence in a movie?

    Don’t skip ahead and just read take a break, take your eyes away from the screen ( so they may rest a little) and think about it.

    Are you thinking about it?

    Don’t run off to read the answer, think about it!

    Ok, to show silence in a movie you use… noise! Of course! If you shoot a scene without sound you are not telling about the silence, but it is simply a scene without sound. Here is an example, from Sergio Leone’s masterpiece “Once upon a time in America”:

    In short, this teaches us that to tell something, sometimes it can be useful to use the opposite, the absence to talk about the presence: like noise can tell about silence, in equal measure the shadow can be used to talk about light.

    And that is what I did! We covered our model with make-up to make her look super tanned (then emphasised it in photoshop) and I placed her always indoors, but always letting a little bit of light through from outside, as if she wanted to find relief in the shade from the sun and the heat from outside.

    Here are the images:

    I also add a shot that did not find its place on the magazine

    At the end of the shoot, like I did last year, the magazine did a little questionnaire to the models, for which I took this photograph:

    This is my authorial video:

    A few backstage pictures taken by Daria Longinotti:

    last but not least the backstage video by Pasquale Ettorre:


    PS: I want to anticipate all my dear friends that enjoy commenting on what I write. Did I really have to begin with Sergio Leone to come up with this crap?!? Yes, exactly: I had to begin with Sergio Leone to come up with this crap! (there so we got this out of the way!)


    20 Giugno 2012


    “Settimio, but what is she like?!?” never has a character aroused so much curiosity amongst my friends and acquaintances as Elisabetta Canalis did! There is no doubt that Elisabetta’s ability and online presence are incredibly strong. Since we left it had been an interrupted panhandle of photographs, autographs and all else.

    Once arrived at our resort we were required to hire a bodyguard day and night attacks. (who knows why but our adventures always end up the Italian way, a cross between Alberto Sordi and Amici Miei: amidst the chaos of the production none of us, certainly not me nor Elisabetta, understood that the man that was always following us was the bodyguard! I thought he was just another fan! A bit eccentric, he was wearing a uniform, but still a fan! And also a great pain in the ass, because every time we ran into each other he was asking, disheartened and a bit anxious: “perdona segnor, onde sta la segnorita Elisabetta?!” I invariably pointed to the exact opposite direction from where she was…  )

    Anyways, going back to the post’s incipit, Elisabetta Canalis, ELI for the friends, is a great girl. I supposed if I may say that expression which I assume women don’t like very much is that she has got balls. A very determined person, who knows to make decisions with quick reflexes to do what is right, and does so with tenacity. In this I found her very clever. She is also charming and a loud one. Ok, shall I say it?!? I’ll say it: a bit of a tomboy! And to me, I’m sincere, I liked it a lot!

    However let’s start from the beginning: from Milan we left for Santo Domingo. Elisabetta, sitting on the plane, gives a last check to his followers on twitter:

    We arrive at night and we immediately “rev the engines” taking a few shots on the beach:

    The morning after we began working, thanks to the time zone, which made us all wake up at five o’clock in the morning. Elisabetta immediately causes commotion with Niky, the hair and make up artist (told you she is a tomboy!)

    We go shooting, also to be more quiet, at Saona island, which is very beautiful. Here we are location bounded by boat:

    With a considerable time leap, finally here is the work, directly from the pages of SPORTWEEK:

    Between one day and the another we also had a chat with our friend Vic on Radio Deejay:

    Elisabetta Canalis from Santo Domingo

    I also made a video, were I had so much fun watching Elisabetta have fun in the water, far away from fake sensuality but perhaps closer to her true nature (did I say that already?!? She is a charming loud one!  ):

    Not to let us miss anything we also made a backstage video, made by Pasquale Ettorre:

    And a few backstage photographs, made by Daria Longinotti:

    Here, I’d say that’s all. Actually no, the interview we made with Elisabetta is missing, under the rain on the last day. But this last thing I am going to keep it for another time.

    While we were doing the interview they took a photo, this one, which I like, because of the naughty little girl expression she has:

    Here, I would say that is all.

    In the next posts I will write about the other editorials, done with the conventional models. But I would like to do next what is normally done in the end: the thanks.

    A job like Sportweek is a tricky business, of which you only see the tip of the iceberg, which began months before the week of shooting and ends the day its out on the shelves. This would have not been possible without a small but tough team:

    –  Andrea Monti, the big chief, director of the Gazzetta dello Sport. From above he sees and from above he commands. Simply without him this would not have happened. Thank you!

    –  Matteo Dore, the director of Sportweek. With a rare sensitivity and grace he came into an area that is not his, bringing intelligence and rationality, there where very often is lacking. (and let me say that it has never happened to me to have an editorial of mine entitled after a comedy by William Shakespeare!) thank you!

    –  Elisabetta Canalis, the guest star. She jumped on board with enthusiasm on a project which she lived as if it was her own from the start, bringing not only her beauty (certainly not a rare commodity) but also her intelligence (very rare commodity). Thank you!

    –  Daria Longinotti, my producer. The amazing energy with which Daria jumps on every job and on this one above all. When we’d be dragging ourselves off to bed at three in the morning, she would still be in the “office” sending mails, facebooking, twitting, blogging and who knows what else. Thank you!

    –  Luca Stefanelli, the stylist. His good humour, his joy (WELL DONE!) combined with good taste and experience it is a complete joy to work with him. Thank you!

    –  Niky Epifanio, the hair and make up. It was not simply a great “hair&makeup”, it was a person who, as Elisabetta, believed from the very first time in this project with incredible enthusiasm making sure that everything happened as well as it did: thank you!

    –  Pasquale Ettorre, my first assistant and video maker. You lot out there who think that the assistant on a job like this a walk in the park; going to the Caribbean surrounded by beautiful women. Ok, keep on thinking that.. In reality is very different! Its a war. From which you not only have to come back alive but perhaps with a medal. Pasquale didn’t only come back alive and kicking, but also with the medal! Well done Pasquale. Thank you!

    –  Rossano Salamon, second assistant. A friend of mine, Paola, once said that Rossano is to me as Lancelot was to King Arthur.  and perhaps its true. Always attentive to my every need and requirement. I love you, Rossano. Thank you!

    –  Sandro Rosselli, second video maker: he came into a madhouse without flinching. Thank you!

    Here, I’d say that this is really all: to the cry of “TUTTO E’ BENE CIO’ CHE FINISCE DUSI” I conclude it here!


    16 Giugno 2012


    A while ago I received this letter, inside a nice parcel. Everything directly from California.

    And inside the parcel there was a very elegant strap for my canon.

    It has been a while that I wanted to publicly thank Carolyn (whom I don’t personally know) for such kindness in sending me a present and I finally remembered: THANK YOU!

    Info on their products here (as you can notice they can easily be purchased…)


    11 Giugno 2012


    Geppi is an interesting character! Different from what one would expect.

    Very careful, meticulous, doesn’t miss a thing: a professional, without a doubt.

    And I, who detests amateurs, love professionals…

    We shot in my studio. To distract her, to make her loose control, to mess with her I made her toss up in the air the skirt on the beautiful dress by Marras: so the cover of IO DONNA was conceived, without any air blower (which I, as we as the models, hate!).

    Here are a few backstage shots by Pasquale Ettorre:

    And also a backstage video on the IO DONNA website, made by Pasquale as well:


    Geppi and I!

    last but not least my columnin the contributors page of IO DONNA:

    By the way: even though I knew that in the column there was space only for one movie I sent three! Would have been torture to only tell one! I tried…  (anyhow my three movies were: once upon a time in america, eight and a half and blade runner!)

    Thanks to: Maurizio Varotti (for giving order and logic to my work!), laura Liguori (for procuring elegance, not fashion!), Sara di Stefano (for making, with the hair, Geppi beautiful without misshaping her!)