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Already in the papers since a few weeks, my new campaigns for SPAZIO SEI, a leading brand of children’s clothing. This year (also this year) we were working in Cape Town, South Africa. We shot different brands, each one with … Continua


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In the year ’99 of our life I, Settimio Benedusi, eternal student because the subject of study would be infinite and mostly because I know I don’t know anything, I, wandering cleric, highwayman, I, non artist, only small bachelor, because, … Continua


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I’ve already spoken about it in the past, but the homages to Godard are renewed every minute! So here is a refresher: The original: The version of the fashion group NOUVELLE VAGUE A version by DIESEL And finally GODARD’s quote … Continua

ARLES 2012

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It is always useful, regenerating and interesting, the opening week of thee Arles photography festival. More like it you know what is nice? To see closely that the thing we deal with so much love, photography, is treated with equal … Continua

TPW 2012

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Last week to take part in the TPW classic summer workshop, in program from the 29th of July in Tuscany. You know what? Don’t sign up. Its not fun at all. You suffer. You touch arguments that you don’t want … Continua


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Hello Settimio, it was a great pleasure to meet you in Florence and I haven’t forgotten your proposal to write about the famous shooting in Cape Town. Not being sure on the tone, the length and the use I’ve attached … Continua


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Its not about copying. Its about having the culture to tell what you want to tell in the best way: in this case the jeans. And what better way than to talk about the quintessential leader of the workers, inspired … Continua


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Tomorrow, Tuesday the 3rd of July from 18:00 Paolo Ranzani, Marino Ravani, Angelo Cucchetto, Roberto Tomesani and the undersigned at obbiettivo reporter (Via Natale Battaglia 34  Milan) The subject of the talks will be “photography and language” It will be … Continua