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  • 31 agosto 2012



    info here

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    29 agosto 2012



    Benedusi is the promoter and curator of an initiative aimed at children, to introduce them to the world of photography.

    Corollary to the exhibition A_MARE a photographic workshop is aimed to middle school students.

    The opportunity will be offered for free to 20 children who will request to participate to a photo lab under the expert guidance of Settimio Benedusi.

    To participate it is simply necessary to own a photographic camera or a cellphone.

    Requests must be received by mail at the following address: or via fax on 0183/701566, together with the written consent of a parent which can be granted by completing a special form available to download in the Municipality of Imperia’s website.

    The workshop will take place on friday the 7th and saturday the 8th of september from 3PM until 6PM at Villa Faravelli (Viale Matteotti, 151).

    The responsibility of the custody and supervision of the children is with the parents or carers.

    Amongst all the applications 20 entries will be drawn randomly on Wednesday, september the 5th at 10AM, at the Ridotto hall of the Cavour Theatre.


    29 agosto 2012


    “the problem is that most, not all, but most photographer are interested not in THE photograph but in THEIR photography and they have absolutely no interest in the photography of others. Not the least interested in having a photographic culture.”

    Gianni Berengo Gardin, august 2012


    22 agosto 2012


    PS: there is one thing that I love about this! The picture on the poster of my personal photographic exhibition is not mine, instead it’s a picture taken by a friend, Massimo Fusi..


    20 agosto 2012


    About a year ago I wrote a post that was titled THE PHOTOMETER, maybe someone remembers it. Might it be that the holiday brings me to be more meditative and write a little less of the usual bullshit – I did this, I did that, I published here and there – I’d like once again to make a further contribution to that discussion. Trying to (as far as I can…) be less of an asshole.

    If last year’s photometer indicated the negative (don’t do this and don’t do that) this year I would like to do exactly the opposite, giving ten rules of what to do and how to become and above all remain (which is most difficult) a professional photographer. Some things I’ve said in the past, forgive me if I repeat them. Anyhow we know repetita iuvant.

    One last thing before I begin: not for false modesty, but it is not far from clear that I have ever applied or that I strictly apply all the points I’m about to make. If I did I might have become a better photographer that what I am now. But I am a professional photographer, and I live only and solely on this job: necessary quality and sufficient enough to know how things should work…

    Here are my ten rules to become and stay a professional photographer:

    –  Be yourself. Its simple! Be yourself. Become your story. To take pictures like Terry Richardson its not enough to take photos while a girl gives you a blowjob: everyone knows how to take those! You have to first LIVE like Terry, you have to have a mother that gets her picture taken with her tits out at 80 years of age while smoking a joint. The photographs have to tell who you are: if you are a nerd it is better to take photos like a nerd, you will never be good at taking the rockstar ones.

    –  Photograph what the client wants like you want it. I wonder why most beginners do exactly the opposite, namely photographing what they want in the way the client wants it. Let me explain myself: every client has its needs. And they are HOLY. He is paying, he looks for a solution to his problem and your job is to solve THAT problem. I love culinary metaphors: if you are running late for your train you want a simple sandwich, tasty and economic. If someone offers you orange duck, it might be the best duck in the world but it is not suitable to eat it while running for the train. So one will bust his back to get the duck to fit on the train. Nobody wants your fucking duck! Make that sandwich that they are asking for, but use the recipe that your mother taught you. Simple, right?

    –  Shoot a lot. If for ALL the things in the world the concept is that by doing it often and many times you improve I wonder why it should not apply also to photography. If you have done a thousand omelettes it is very likely that you are very good at making omelettes. I assure you, it also applies to photography: shoot!

    –  Photograph what you know. The well known and presumed ease of photography leads us to think that we can photograph everything, like that, bullshit. No! You want to go and photograph a boat race? You must know everything about boats and winds! If someone gave you a piece of paper and a pen and asked you to write something about the city of Ulan Bator what would you write?!? NOTHING! Because you’d know nothing of this city in Mongolia! And for what reason would you feel able to go to that city and photograph it?!? What could you tell about something that you know nothing about?!?

    –  Be contemporary. You often hear: I used to do that thing ten years ago!!! Well done asshole! You are wrong of exactly ten years! All expressions and not only artistic, but let’s say creative, must have a great quality: being the story of the time in which they are made.


    For now the first 5 rules: the others will follow.

    PS: I wrote everything on my iPad, so then all the caps where autocorrected, which are normally banned from my blog: for once you get them…


    14 agosto 2012


    yes, I used a ladder to my now – usual – tribute to Milan’s mid-August for the Corriere.

    But first things first.

    Today, August 14th, my column dedicated to my “usual” mid-August reportage of my adopted city was published on the Corriere della Sera

    This is the text I wrote for the Corrierone:

    Continues what is becoming an August tradition: my photo report on Milan during these days of summer vacation, which transforms it completely, making it, in my opinion, even more beautiful and interesting. We began two years ago, taking portraits of those who had decided, locals or not, to be tourists in this city. Last year instead, portraits were made of local people who had chosen, by choice or necessity, to spend the holidays here, in the local “sea”, the Idroscalo. This year we decided that the portraits were to be done to Her, Milan. That Milan that most of her citizens are accustomed seeing it full of traffic and people, always in a hurry. That Milan that in August becomes empty, and finally shows us her spaces which are normally so full and which are now magically deserted. I took a ladder (to always have the same point of view and also to have it slightly unusual) and I went in the city centre: piazza Duomo, via Montenapoleone, corso Vittorio Emanuele.. And I photographed Milan, in her unusual calm, in her hidden beauty.

    This is the page:

    And these are the images that where used, including others that weren’t:

    I know its not very nice to say it, but I will say it: I consider this one of my best work, or at least I like it a lot.

    I love the surrealism, this lack of temporal parameters (except of r a few details, they may look like pictures taken 10/50/100 years ago…) make this work some kind of archeology of perception, where everything, even in the precision of the focal point in the centre of the frame, really loses orientation to become almost a state of mind rather than a reality. A reality so surreal that becomes almost unreal…

    Happy holidays!


    6 agosto 2012

    SARDINIA 24/25/26 AUGUST

    1 Comment »

    3 agosto 2012

    WE RECEIVE AND GLADLY WE PUBLISH (as the serious magazines say…)

    by Paolo Vigato: thank you!

    (obviously referring to this)

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    2 agosto 2012


    A few days ago I was speaking about photography with some friends (now thats news!) and one of them whom really knows the subject (ok, Mr. TT) said some really interesting things on beauty. I take inspiration from that discussion and a bit of my own..

    In italian photography there is but one problem: too much beauty. Here everything is impeccably beautiful. Here we could have never had photographers like Juergen Teller or Martin Parr, one so profoundly german, the other so profoundly english.

    Why are we so submissive to beauty, here in Italy? No, don’t come and say it because we are the nation of Giotto, Michelangelo and Caravaggio. No, absolutely not! The great aesthetics of our remote past (of which we only know the names, but we do ignore -as the ignorants that we are- the true history and deep poetics) does not count anything in our inevitable need for beauty.

    So what counts then?!? We are such victims of beauty because we are comfortable. Yes, comfortable! Because we have mommy preparing our little lunch box when we leave home! That irons our underwear when we are 30 years old! Because daddy is always there to defend us! Because granny cuddles us! Because perhaps we live off grandpa’s pension and daddy’s apartments’ rent! We are comfortable and seated.

    Therefore in this context the blackmail by the molasses of beauty is inevitable. Something that perhaps is taken for granted, but that definitely it isn’t: the first quality of a photograph is not that is is beautiful. Absolutely not!!! Its not like that! It is as if the quality of the food of a great restaurant was being edible.

    The famous photographs which I’ve always criticised (the sunset, the kittens, the venetian masks, the naked girl in a factory…) are not bad! On the contrary, they are beautiful! Beautiful, but horrendous. Beautiful, but useless.

    Besides with the modern photographic cameras its not easy to take bad pictures. They all come out good. If you think about what all the various iPhone softwares can do? They intervene to worsen your shots: they apply flares, hairs, cuts, finger prints, imprecisions, so that it would ruin a little (making it look better!) what was too perfect.

    And after the word beauty I would like to say two words on the word vulgarity: I often read people that, in their vague programming intents, they say NOT to want to take vulgar photographs. “we take artistic nudes, not vulgar” and they place the model in an abandoned factory with suspenders and high heels. Perhaps not taking a vulgar photograph. But a horrendous one! Which is worst!

    Ok, here I would like to invite you, if you want, to a little homework for the holidays: you have to take an ugly photograph and a vulgar one. Don’t laugh, its not easy! I assure you that it is much, much easier to take beautiful and artistic ones.

    Send them to and the ugliest one (perhaps not useless…) and the most vulgar one (perhaps not superficial…) will be published here, to the honour and glory of everyone to see.

    And speaking about beauty, ugliness, summer, sea, beaches… I publish a photograph I took a while ago in Cape Town: in my opinion they are beautiful…


    1 agosto 2012


    Milan in August in 2012.

    Deserted, of people and cars.

    Because of the crisis one cannot even go and eat in restaurants with the white and red checkered table cloths.

    A table inside the truck.

    Working lunch: just a few years ago the business lunch in milan I suppose it was imagined completely different…

    Click on the image for a high resolution version.