30 novembre 2012


francesca cortevesio is leaving for distant australia!

believe it! she has decided to make a clean break with the past, to embark on new adventures: next monday, december third, from 18:00 to 21:00 this cut becomes not only symbolic but also real.

francesca, dressed only in a very particular jumpsuit, will go through a strong ritual act: she will cut all her hair off.

you are welcome to come, to document and photograph the happening.

everything will take place in my studio, in milan.

the best photograph will be published here on my blog.

its 99,90 euros at the door. which will entirely go towards her trip to australia.

you pay at the entrance.

for informations and reservations email to benedusi@mac.com I’m waiting for you!

PS: surprise special guest!

francesca “checchina” cortevesio photographed by mario zanaria


28 novembre 2012


are you tired of watching the behind the scenes videos on set of sportweek dreams from your computer screen?

are you curious to see what its like to be on set in a location to dream of?

you want to stop being virtual to finally be real?

Just launched, fresh fresh, the photo contest with the coolest prize of the year: a week with me and my team on the next exotic set!

all details here.


27 novembre 2012


I really love the rain.

I much prefer a rainy day to a sunny day: I find the latter an obvious and banal choice, sure to please everyone because everyone likes the same things hackneyed.

I think that with the rain even photographs can be great: thinking that the sun of the maldives is needed to take a good photograph is the illusion of having an ally outside of ourselves that can help us, while the only ally is in our heads, and the light has nothing to do with it…

I take this opportunity to show you a picture, of a few years ago, taken during a wonderful day of winter rain:

click the image to enlarge.


21 novembre 2012


a small/large exhibition opens tomorrow evening for the opening of a small/large space dedicated to craft hats.

I am participating with this portray I took in candela in november, wearing, of course, a beautiful altalen hat:


19 novembre 2012


an ad just made in south africa.

a full day with cecile form the morning to the evening shooting from a subjective point. until, in the moment when she goes to look at herself in the mirror, we realise there was no camera or person filming her…


15 novembre 2012


I recently wrote that to have a good haircut and/or have a nice hat is essential to be a good photographer!

of course having pierpaolo ferrari as your hair cutter and toni thorimbert as your hat master, well that’s a unique privilege…

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13 novembre 2012


this summer I had the honour of receiving a call by the municipality of riccione to create a work in the area which was presented to the public last weekend in this little town of romagna.

I grouped the project in a video, which I am going to show you. please look at it, think about it and then keep on reading my text:

here. have you watched it all? good!

have you had a though, a judgement?

very well!

then: I really hope that you DID NOT enjoy it. I hope that you have thought “I could have done that too!” did you think about that?!? good! perfect!

because what I wanted to achieve was to cancel myself out, not being there, try not to take a good picture, but to use photography for what it does best: historicise.

I could have not been there, put the camera on a tripod and take a snap every 10 seconds. this for example is the reason why each set has the same point of view: I was the human tripod.

what is interesting about the result is that, in my opinion, you look at these images as if they where already old, as if they had activated an automatic process of historicisation: in my opinion when I look at them I think “look at how they used to dress in 2012!”

These images have become as I wish they were: already old before they are even contemporary.

thanks stefano, simone and margherita for everything.

and a big hug to the great pico, historical photographer, film artist.


8 novembre 2012


it has been a while since I wrote part one, with my first five rules.

in all truth I spent a long time thinking how to complete the work, but I could only think of mere rules, certainly true but also boring and banal: like learn how to count, or something like that…

no, it wasn’t enough. and last night, while I was watching a wonderful concert, I came up with another five. I hope I remember them: last night I had them very clear!

two premises before we start:

A)  the first one I am copy/pasting same as the previous time: not for false modesty, it is not implied that I have ever or that I do stick to all the points that I’m going to list. if I would have maybe I’d be a better photographer than I am now. but I am a professional photographer, and I live solely for this job: a necessary and sufficient quality to know how things should work…

B)  this time it would be wrong to call them rules. they do not regulate anything. I’d prefer to define them as symptoms, clues… litmus tests that can help figure out who has a particular approach to photography and who hasn’t.

ok, enough talking, here is the list:

–  A UNIFORM. get yourself a uniform. all professions have a uniform, right? So why a photographer shouldn’t not have one?!? make one! I am not saying to dress well or trendy, I am suggesting you build a certain attitude through what you wear. you wouldn’t like it if your dentist welcomed you in jeans, am I right? not only for reasons of hygiene, am I right? that is why I think a photographer should have his own uniform. and try to think what you are going to wear for a particular shooting, in relation to what you are about to tell: you will see the quality of the photographs will improve dramatically, and certainly much more compared to choosing an aperture from another.

you do not have a uniform?: it is possible that your photographs are shit.

–  A NICE HOUSE. it is a matter of love for aesthetics, it is a matter of being able to choose, it is a matter of having a style… all the great photographers that I know are in beautiful homes. not rich! not designed by a cool architect! not designer! simple houses that tell who you are, and can tell that you like what is slightly far from the banality and conformity: if this happens in the environment that you frequent often it will inevitably happen in the environment that you frequent for 1/125 of a second.

nobody has ever told you “wow what a cool house” as they walked in? it is possible that your photographs are shit.

–  COURAGE. be brave. for example, it is necessary when taking photographs that you do things that… not feel embarrassed… but you feel embarrassed when thinking about it afterwards. you have walk the path, skimming the precipice. where the path has been laid and walked you will arrive where it is already full of people, and there nobody will notice you. Remember the poem dedicated to the profession of photographer by edgar lee master in his spoon river:

I lost my customers in spoon river

because I tried to infuse my intelligence to the photographic camera

to capture the soul of the subject.

the best photograph I’ve ever done

was that of judge somers, lawyer.

he sat down erect and made me wait

until he had straightened the squinter eye.

then when he was ready he said “go ahead”.

and I yelled “objection rejected”, and the eye turned up.

and so I caught the expression he had

when he said “I object”.

you have never been afraid when taking a photograph?: it is possible that your photographs are shit.

INTEREST TOWARDS THE WORLD: photographers photograph what is outside the self. they photograph the world that is out there. of course dutifully filtered from their own vision. but the raw material is out there. repeating the terrifying little words “me, me, me, me, me, me ……..” you do not get anywhere. the sun is the center, not the earth. you must be copernicans. you need to open to the world, and the most effective way is by reading books, watching movies, listening to music, attending situations / festivals / exhibitions where you can increase the amount of lives lived: one is really too little. Because you run the risk of talking only and solely about yourself, and you want to know something? your life (no, not the one you are reading, no!, the one of all the others!) is a very small and little thing.

have you never read, and loved, for example, italo calvino?: it is likely that your photographs are shit.

–  HATS AND/OR HAIR: take care of your hair: that does not mean to have the haircut from the coolest hair stylist, no! otherwise buy yourself a nice hat. seems like a pointless rule!? It is likely, but know that:

you don’t take care of your hair and you do not have a nice hat?: it is likely that your photographs are shit.

and finally the last and final rule

–  DISCARD ALL THE RULES: rules here, rules there… but who are you? what you are is the filter of the world? is that point of view your point of view?

you haven;t broken any rules?: it is likely that your photographs are shit.


and I conclude with a shot I took last night at the concert of vinicio capossela at the tunnel in milan: he had a beautiful red hat and stunning gold shoes…


3 novembre 2012