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francesca cortevesio is leaving for distant australia! believe it! she has decided to make a clean break with the past, to embark on new adventures: next monday, december third, from 18:00 to 21:00 this cut becomes not only symbolic but … Continua


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are you tired of watching the behind the scenes videos on set of sportweek dreams from your computer screen? are you curious to see what its like to be on set in a location to dream of? you want to … Continua


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I really love the rain. I much prefer a rainy day to a sunny day: I find the latter an obvious and banal choice, sure to please everyone because everyone likes the same things hackneyed. I think that with the … Continua


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a small/large exhibition opens tomorrow evening for the opening of a small/large space dedicated to craft hats. I am participating with this portray I took in candela in november, wearing, of course, a beautiful altalen hat:


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an ad just made in south africa. a full day with cecile form the morning to the evening shooting from a subjective point. until, in the moment when she goes to look at herself in the mirror, we realise there … Continua


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I recently wrote that to have a good haircut and/or have a nice hat is essential to be a good photographer! of course having pierpaolo ferrari as your hair cutter and toni thorimbert as your hat master, well that’s a … Continua


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this summer I had the honour of receiving a call by the municipality of riccione to create a work in the area which was presented to the public last weekend in this little town of romagna. I grouped the project … Continua