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  • 24 dicembre 2012


    sometimes reality needs to be seen, and photography can help: we all know that there are those who (still in 2012!) are sleeping on the streets, even during the cold nights of christmas, perhaps facing the harsh reality can help us not to forget who is less fortunate than us. I didn’t want to judge, neither them (who knows what kind of responsibilities they have for their own fate) nor us (who do very little so that things are different), I just wanted to use photography for what it does best: show a reality which I find it should nod stay hidden.

    marcello: “I am 47 years old and I am separated. I am an industrial electrician, but unfortunately since I’ve been in this situation, also because of the separation, it is not easy to find work. nobody trusts someone who sleeps in a sleeping bag on the streets. I receive great help, both material and moral, from the many volunteers that come by at night. it is not easy to be here, because you always have to be careful, it happens for example that they steal my belongings. my dream would be to have a stable job, I am sure that my problems would be solved”

    ahmad: “I am 34 years old and I am egyptian. I emigrated to italy when I was 21 years old. I am a mason, but its hard to find work, many issues to do with regular employment or work for cash. I know very well that there is the possibility of going to sleep in the dorms, but I don’t feel like it, too much confusion, too many people: I prefer to stay here in the quiet. the friars help me enough, not making me feel bad at all about being muslim: they treat all the same here.”

    antonio: “I am 50 years old from puglia. I am a cook, and when it is good season I make my meals with my little stove on the street, with the same quality and passion as if I was in a big kitchen. my specialty is baked grouper with potatoes and olives. I live on the streets since 4 years, because it is extremely difficult to find a job, even for those who are as qualified as I am. I am pessimistic about my future. I would love to have a house, for security as well as psychological safety that it gives. the young people from the red cross often lend me a hand, and it is very important to me.”

    francesco: “I am 40 years old and I am from milan. I have with me in my tent my dog yuk. I am a mason, but it is extremely difficult to find a job, because the foreigners are favoured as they are paid very little. the help is little, they occasionally bring us a few things: I have to say that the boys from MIA are wonderful. I am very pessimistic about my future. I am sorry but I do not want to see my face, but you can see the tent where I live.”

    giorgio: “I am 47 years old and I come from near cagliari. I’ve done thousands of jobs: house painter, plumber, mechanic, pizza maker.. But since 5 years I’ve been on the street because there is no more work. the friars give me clothes and food, I have the card for the san francesco shelter. even the red cross comes now and again to help us. I see no future for myself, I have no possibility of improvement.”

    stefano: “I am 48 years old and I am from bulgaria. I am on the road since two years, always with my beloved dog gina, I got her from a kennel where I worked for a while: she is super intelligent. I am a mason, but it is not easy to find work. in italy I am fine, the people here are very kind and nice, not like in other countries in europe where I’ve been and I was treated really badly. I will never get tired of saying that italians are not people but angels. all in all I am content with my situation, things are going the way they are supposed to and they go well for me: life is beautiful!”


    all this on the corriere della sera from two days ago

    some shots backstage:

    merry christmas. settimio


    20 dicembre 2012


    after toni thorimbert’s great party last night, today we are in studio with giovanni gastel, from whom I/we have received something fantastic.

    after so many years, countless readings, eternal meditations and deep discussions I must tell you that I still have no idea what photography is. I don’t know.

    but I do know that – who knows with what magic! – the ability to focus inwardly wonderful people, wonderful experiences and a breath of eternity: as in this portrait of myself by giovanni gastel. thank you giovanni!


    17 dicembre 2012


    after part one here we are on part two of the palagini calendar.

    about the first photo up top, there is a little backstage to tell: I had in mind exactly how it should have been, but this vision of mine clashed with reality, with the fluid dynamics and especially the principle of Archimedes (which states that “every body immersed in a fluid from a vertical thrust upwards, equals in intensity to the weight of the fluid displaced”) and inevitably happened that our model, turning, sank as I wouldn’t have wanted to..

    trial and error and nothing!

    I decided then to give the camera to pasquale, my assistant (yes, he took the photo), and I went to help the model take the position that I had in mind: so I’m down in the water, I went under the body immersed in the fluid and I moved it the way that I wanted it to be. obviously in the image that came out on the calendar I photoshopped myself out of the picture.

    I went to search amongst the ones that were not selected for an image that showed everything even better.

    and by the way I would like to publicly thank szilvia miskolczi from milan’s model agency fashion, who helped us with intelligence, dedication and great skills on this job: remember that the models must be good, not only beautiful!

    thank you szilvia!

    Maybe one of these days we will do a live video streaming where szilvia will tell us about this experience..


    11 dicembre 2012


    the AFIP, association of professional italian photographers, has recently launched their blog, where the following question has been made to a few people:

    “in this third millennium of enormous technological changes, in which the rate of images produced in the world is almost instantaneous, does the specificity of italian photography still exist, an italian view that differentiates our photography from the foreign one?”

    here is my answer.


    10 dicembre 2012


    they often ask me: “how do I become a photographer?”

    and down we go with the supposed difficulties for the lack of models/right clothes/cool hair & make up/location/studio/lights/super digital backs.. and so on, with the inevitable final comment that “its easy to take beautiful photos with a super hot chick at the maldives!”

    its all bullshit! whats missing are always the same things: ideas.

    look at what toni thorimbert has come up with: I saw them on his instagram and had them sent to me to publish them here. here he, evidently, found himself in a kiddies room and with his iphone he shot various photographic genres all in a symbolic and synthetic manner.

    in a small room and having only puppets available he invented a parallel world, he created a different point of view for what would have been for everyone else simply a doll house.

    if a serious magazine existed in italy they should publish these photos tomorrow.

    in italy there is not a serious magazine, therefore I am going to publish them, with the original captions:


    4 dicembre 2012


    two days in ibiza, not looking for the pool, nor the location… but only and solely water.

    for now the first eight months:

    backstage video:


    1 dicembre 2012