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  • 25 febbraio 2013
















    new advertising campaign for FISICO by cristina ferrari

    fashion editor: daniela stopponi

    hair & make up: lollo cherubini

    model: vika volkute of IMG model agency

    PS 01 its not always necessary to go to the caribbean to shoot swimwear.

    PS 02 looking back at the photographs taken backstage I found the confirmation to one of my friend’s TT quotes: sooner or later if you take photographs you will end up on your knees.



    20 febbraio 2013






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    19 febbraio 2013


    I was born by the sea and I had the vaguest smattering with sailing, both practical (very little, actually) as well as literally (definitely more for sure: for example, one of the books I have read and read again in my youth the most was this one).

    a few days ago giovanni soldini has accomplished a great feat, breaking the record for sailing from new york to san francisco, passing by the legendary cape horn: this southern tip of south america has always been the myth of all  seafarers. in imperia there is even a statue dedicated to those who have circumnavigated the tip, often with unspeakable difficulties. I recently read a book about the logbook of an officer of an old sailing clipper whom was saying that after weeks and months of trying to pass it they decided to go around the other way, travelling around the world by going the opposite way! as if someone going to venice by foot decides to go via paris, madrid, new york, japan, asia to then finally arrive in venice… it’s crazy, right?

    soldini, with the aid of some technology, completed the same feat, at a record time: great!

    once he came to me in studio, to make together with others, a cover for a newspaper. obviously I took him aside and shot a portrait, just of him.

    here it is:



    18 febbraio 2013


    the sanremo festival just finished and there were two models as guests, both of which I have photographed in the past:

    bar refaeli, photographed in the mauritius for sports illustrated:





    and bianca balti photographed in milan for panorama first:




    done with the promotional communication (to show how super cool I am) and going beyond the topic of models/sanremo festival (which I honestly could not care less) two words on the real outsiders of this festival, the ELII.

    they presented a piece that confirms their stature (all done in a single note, DO, but with infinite chords variables and rhythms, as to be mono tone, but certainly not monotonous).

    for those who have thoughtlessly discovered them only now, a less recent track, which confirms their infinite ability to address super serious topics with a touch as light as it is perfect.



    14 febbraio 2013


    in one hundred people that define themselves as photographers, today, in 2013, there are:

    –  50% who are absolute amateur photographers, that is, people who have never taken a photograph if not for themselves. they do not even have the ambition to be professionals, they hang around with the camera around their neck photographing what happens before their eyes. its all good, except that they often refer themselves as photographers on their website: as if someone who likes cooking spaghetti at home would call himself a chef.

    –  20% of amateur photographers despite having a “real” job pretend to be professional, doing real editorials like those we see in magazines. they even find magazines (online of course) that make them do editorials (for free of course). in their heart they do not believe to be professionals, but from the outside, to shallow eyes, they may seem so. its all good, except that they often refer themselves as photographers on their website: as if someone who likes making spaghetti for friends called himself a chef.

    –  20% of people that for a thousand and one reasons (in all truth they are always the same people: parents’ apartment for rent, grandparents’ and parents’ pension, family wealths..) they do not have problems with money and they behave as if they were professional photographers. They “pretend”. they like to believe and pretend to be what they are not. there are various degrees, for example they go from going backstage at fashion shows with a pass around the neck (to take pictures that will be published where?!?) to doing exhibitions, books or even real magazines. they really feel professional, and more so others think that they are: pity no one has ever given them more than one euro for their photographs. its all good, except that they call themselves photographers on their website: as if someone had a fake restaurant, without clients, without waiters and even without a kitchen and called themselves a chef.

    –  5% of professional photographers that “take pictures”. they take pictures on the beaches, of weddings, news.. they do not have and it is not necessary to have any image culture. they are photographers by pure chance, just like others change tyres. they are the first on this list that see some dough. very little, but they get a few euros, a little more in the south for the weddings. all good, except that they call themselves photographers on their website: as if someone who has a pizzeria calls himself a chef.

    –  3% of professional photographers working at the edge of the real industry, for crap magazines, with crap clients. all accomplished with ridiculous budgets. they have very little expenses and they pull through as they can. they call themselves photographers on their website, and so they should. but we know very well that, it is if the guy serving the sauces in a great restaurant called himself a chef.

    –  2% and then you get the chefs.



    coming soon



    7 febbraio 2013


    what a headline right?!? Lets see now how to make sense of it…

    during the last pitti in florence I was having breakfast in my favourite bar (gilli) and I started having an argument (quite heated!) with a florentine lawyer I met there on the spot. basically the theme of the matter was that he stated that to judge something, anything, it was only necessary to like it, while I was more for the argument that in order to judge, and to like, anything, it is important to have the culture and knowledge to be able to first understand.

    the bizarre lawyer (because, I must say, he was quite bizarre, if only to engage in a fierce argument with a stranger..) was adamant: if you like a wine, a novel, a painting, a photograph, a song.. its more than enough. each one of us is the judge of oneself and if he is happy everyone is happy. you like it? ok!

    I was equally adamant: I was and continue to be convinced that without an adequate knowledge of a topic what inevitably happens is that you will appreciate the simplest, most useless, most understandable and in the end inevitably the ugliest.

    obviously everyone remained with their own opinion, we offered each other breakfast and we said goodbye.

    we move from florence to milan, to the (excellent!) pizzeria we we usually go to after the cinema. in this pizzeria there are some posters hung on the wall with photographs. to be correct I removed the authors, but here they are:

    in short, the usual banal useless and taken for granted photographs of some panoramic shot on a tripod, long exposure and HDR. excuse me, I am going to say it in my usual polite manner: its so crap!

    obviously they can be liked but for anyone who knows and studies seriously photography it is obvious what they are: nothing.

    fact is that if ever I had gone to the kind owner of the pizzeria and told her that these photographs were ugly I am sure she would have looked at me as if I was crazy. I am sure of it. “ugly?!? but they are wonderful!” she would have replied, I am sure.

    in short, I am increasingly convinced, in spite of the bizarre florentine lawyer, it is essential to know and understand in order to appreciate: otherwise inevitably, once again, we appreciate the crap.

    here, however, there is a problem: a sort of “elitism”, a sharp line between what is simple/comprehensible/popular/bad and what is complex/complicated/cultured/beautiful.

    there is a risk that only a few know and understand, and many that don’t know and don’t understand. good. actually, bad.

    and here come into play ELIO E LE STORIE TESE and the CATHOLIC CHURCH: the solution (veeeeery hard, not an easy task!) is to send simple messages that everyone understands packaged in simple containers that everyone understands, but that magically hide another level of understanding which is complex and deep.

    most tracks by EELST talk about serious issues which are musically well refined and appeals to everyone (a few idiots cannot comprehend even their simplicity, but lets leave the irreparable chumps).

    the parables of the CC are very simple stories but hide obviously a very deep level of reading on which any theologian can discuss for hours.

    in short, in the end is think the solution is to be able to convey deep things through simple tools: a goal we should all have but that is extremely complicated to be able to accomplish.

    (exactly, not simple, I might have written two simple phrases, not the whole preposterous tell-off!  😉 ) 


    4 febbraio 2013


    I have to say that I love photographing children. it’s one big mess! and I love mess.

    the STYLE PICCOLI issue with my editorial is still on sale. special guest stylist is the super top model nadege. theme of the editorial “colour”.

    some backstage pictures, taken by pasquale ettorre, where you can see we did everything possible to entertain the kids!

    and finally nadege and I at our best!

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