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21st dicember 2006.

i already placed it in the past, but today it seems very appropriate:

The fog raises over the white fields
like a cypressus in the cemeteries
a bell tower that doesn’t look real
marks the boundary between earth and sky.

But you that are going, but stay,
the snow will go tomorrow you’ll see
the joys of the past will blossom
with the warm wind of another summer.

The light also seems to die
in the uncertain shadow of the making
where the dawn too becomes evening
and the faces seems waxed skulls.

But you that are going, but stay,
the snow will die tomorrow too
love will pass nearby again
in the season of the hawthorn.

The tired earth below the snow
sleeps the silence of a heavy sleep
winter picks up his fatigue
of thousand centuries, from a dawn antique.

But you that are staying, why do you remain?
another winter will come back tomorrow
more snow will fall to sooth the fields
more snow will fall on the cemeteries.

fabrizio de andrè

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