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i’m a photographer (really?) but seldom i speak about photography in this blog.
maybe those who came and read it would like to have some technical details, with what i shoot, how, using which materials and which cameras.
so i wanted to write now about these things.
but i don’t know what to write, i have nothing to write about this topic.
there is really nothing worth of any interest.
far too often i hear talks around on technical topics by assistants or photographers.
the assistant who’s helping here in cape town was very envious of the digital hasselblad i brought for this job and he would have like to have time to borrough it and test it.
i’ve so often heard potographers or assistants talk about the canon optic much better of the nikon or viceversa.
all absolutely and completely unuseful matters.
not only, but also confusing, and distructing from the real objective: one can think that with a certain camera, a certain lens, a certain flash, all will be better.
absolute rubbish.
it is like thinking that the food will be better if cokked in specific pots.
the pot is important, very important, but it is not the food you are going to cook inside.
the mean must be functional to the message, and not the opposite.
i use what is the best on the market, but there is only one thing nesessary to take good photos: an idea, a project and culture of the image.
don’t think of buying one more super lens, use that money to buy books by authors you can learn from.

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