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I promised and I maintain, one post everyday this week. Although this, I admit, I am taking away: it’s very late, I am all over the place and I have a thousand things to do.

I will throw your way a few suggestions of things that I’ve liked lately:

-a book: “siberian education” by nicolai lilin

-a movie: “whatever works” by woody allen

-a photograph (two!):

-a lina scheynius e lauren dukoff

-an album “insides” by jon hopkins, qui

-a fun website

-a relaxing website, or innervating depends from who’s point of view

-a creative website

-a very interesting personality, miranda

And, last but not least, an hebrew proverb: “choose well your enemy, because it is him that you’ll become”

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  1. Renato

    …ma quanto è brava Miranda July?
    Guardate tutti “Me and you and everyone we know”…una sensibilita’ eccezzionale.
    Grazie per gli imput sempre interessanti.
    Potresti istituire un post mensile con un suggerimento di, libro,film,artista,disco,sito…
    ciao 😉

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